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how do i do a pop shuvit every time i do it my board always goes to far in front of me to land  

19 Apr 2004 03:57
I think theres other post about those so i suggest checking those out I love to give you some advice but man then I'm posting the same thing over again...if theres no advice elsewhere I'l' help you out.  

28 Apr 2004 18:41
ah, my fave trick!! I landed it 4 the first time about 2 weeks ago and i was well chuffed. You just dont push too hard  

28 Apr 2004 18:58
well dude when u do that then when u do it then jump forward.  

03 May 2004 05:48
that or put more spin in your back foot as you ollie....  

05 May 2004 02:23

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