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i have like a mini ramp that connects to my rail and i can always to my rail from starting on the ramp but wen i try to ollie onto the rail i always like get to nervous to ollie right wut shud i do  

21 Apr 2004 07:00
You be a good skateboarder and be afraid to fall down. Don't be scared to fall, it is one of the biggest mistakes you can do while skating.  

21 Apr 2004 07:02
take a risk....  

29 Apr 2004 00:53
grow some balls then get sacked and start crying.......noo I'm just kidding but getting some balls to do it wouldn't hurt...good luck!  

05 May 2004 02:30
hey sk8r_bnmn, that's tight. How do you know he doesn't have balls? eh?  

06 May 2004 18:30
Hehe....yeah i guess that works too....  

07 May 2004 03:42

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