Best trick ever landed by anyone?

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What do you think the best trick ever landed by anyone is? a 1080? speedball? anyone?  

25 Dec 2002 15:46
Probably either Parks Bonifays switch double mobe or Mark Kennys switch 1080 :?  

25 Dec 2002 15:47
Yep the Parks switch double mobe, or whatever variation he has on it right now, it is on a different level. Shapiro's switch vulcan is up there too, he takes it bigger and farther than any trick ever thrown.  

25 Dec 2002 16:01
i landed the kick flipidy flop 900  

20 Jan 2004 15:08
well the best trick ive evr done is stand up :oops:  

23 Jan 2004 07:14
hey tony can you helpus

how did you get your picture i know you have to go to avatar but what do you do there :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:  

18 Mar 2004 13:40
i think the best trick landed is a wrapped pete rose by shaun murry!  

28 Jul 2006 22:06

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