cant do a bunny hop but a different problem

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hi wen i bunny hop i cant get the front up high enough, i start with my pedals parralel and lift up on the bars and only get about 3 inches off the ground but i can lift the front up high when i pedal but i lose my position of the pedals to bunny hop but cant lift the front up high enough wen i dont pedal and im gettin so p#isse# off that i cant do it, anyone give me a tip but i can still bunny hop a 2 inches off the ground but want to get higher
thanks kulraj  

21 Apr 2004 19:06
This could simply be a strength issue. Most likely your bike is too heavy, your just not strong enough. Can you explain more what happens when you try pulling up high?  

22 Apr 2004 01:59
well my bike is about 20pounds and im about 70 pounds and im 11 and the bike iv got is a specialized s-work bmx but ill hav another go wen im ridin @ normal speed and il try and pull the front up and try and do a little muaul then quikly do a bunny hop, ill tell u wat happens  

22 Apr 2004 19:55
i can do a bunny hop now but i hav to go quite fast and i can jump over a little piece off wood like the ones on brooms, any1 got any tip on how to get higher and am i doing it right, do u go quite fast to jump over somthing that you find hard for u  

23 Apr 2004 22:36
One of my older posts, this is what I suggest you do if you have problems with bunnyhops.

[quote=Click]Hey all, let me help you out a bit. First thing you should do is practice pulling that front up as high as you can. You should pull it up high enough when it hits below your crotch. Here is an example: [img][/img]

Once you've got that down you need to practice pulling your back up off the ground (but keep the front down). Ride at a fair speed, lean back a bit then shift you weight forward and make your feet almost vertical on the pedals, push down on your bars, and push back on your pedals you'll use your calve muscles. This will bring your back tire off the ground, you'll get pretty low off the ground in the beginning but practice. Example: [img][/img]
Now you put all that together to make the bunnyhop. Pull up high then shift forward push those pedals back and it should bring your back up higher. Just ask me if you need help with anything else, or if you need verifying with my explaination.[/img][/quote]  

24 Apr 2004 09:13
thanks but i have all ready read it but i can do a bunny hop now but both wheels com up @ the same time and i can jump over a curb wen im going fast, i just need to get the height  

24 Apr 2004 23:43
i can bunny hop now but both wheels com up @ the same time like wen i try to do a bunny hop i pull the front up and for som reason im too used to doing it at the same time, can any1 help me  

02 May 2004 22:34
One problem that I had was that I was trying to hop with my right foot forward, and didn't even think to try it with my left foot forward. That was my problem for a year. If you have trouble with one position, try the other.  

03 May 2004 03:13

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