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hey guys this is my first forum on this site so here i go,

anyway ive just started riding ramp and park and yesterday i learnt how to drop in to a 4ft qp.
but my next challenge is a 6 ft midi (small halfpipe) there isnt alot of diference but that 2 extra feet makes it alot more steeper.

any hints you could give me for droping in at this height?


23 Apr 2004 20:42
If you've only been rolling in on the 4 Ft. quarter, you need to first learn to lift your front end slightly over and past the coping (not to high or far at all), and sort of bunnyhop in (again, not high or far), making sure your front end gets sucked downward first. You should not hit the coping on your way in. It takes a little practice. Then, a six footer should be no problem. I learned on a 4 ft., and naturally knew what to do on a 6ft. when I finally found one. 8 feet will still seem scary, though.  

28 Apr 2004 21:46

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