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wut wood shud i make my ramp out of?  

24 Apr 2004 18:37
dude u want mdf to put on the outside and to make your frame u need 2x4and then ply wood to cover it .dude then that is the strongest ramp.pretty dern heavy to.  

26 Apr 2004 20:03
rite then...... well...... um...... er...... oh crap, i dont no!!!! think 4 yourself man! However, i would recommend that u use something that wont break in like 5 minutes...... i mean, nobody would be that stupid...... rite?.... :roll:  

27 Apr 2004 18:24
yeah mdf wont break but if u make your ramp out of just plywood than it will.  

28 Apr 2004 22:33
Actually ply wood wont break that easy. Depending on what you plan to build with it. But i made a kicker ramp out of PARTICLE board, and its holding up pretty fine. Just i put about 4 braces under it. But yeah i dont really recommend particle board. I only got it cuz it was way cheaper than the Plywood was.  

29 Apr 2004 04:14
well, dont make it out of 2mm plastic. It just collapses under the weight of a snail.  

29 Apr 2004 12:51
hahaha who makes a ramp out of plastic besides factor x?????  

03 May 2004 05:45
Hey! There is nothing wrong with plastic! Wait... we're talking about ramps... forget I said that...

Anyway, my dads a wood worker so I asked him. He wasnt that helpful. First he said anything and then he said 3 quarter inch plywood. I guess it doesnt really matter what you use, it just depends on how you support it.

As a general rule, I wouldnt use anything that you wouldnt personally feel comfortable putting all your weight on.

Good Luck! Geez, I sure am glad that I've got the courts (skatepark... FREE skatepark) around the corner, so I'll never have to build anything myself.  

03 May 2004 07:02
if u dont build 1 then what will u do when they shut the park down?well gotta go to work in the mornin....man i love my life...hahaha NOT!!!!  

04 May 2004 08:42
ive goyt a half pipe in my garden its only 4 foot wide and 4 foot high but im planning on doubling it width ways its made out of ply go to [url]www.rampplans.com[/url] if you need help  

04 May 2004 10:24
o lord, don't i feel silly. all u r here sayin that u r all pro rampbilders, and here i am with a ramp with a snail-shaped hole in it  

04 May 2004 18:00
The Courts won't close. The land is owned by a local skate park, and they’re happy as long as we keep buying our stuff from them. It is our responsibility though, as we are the people who skate there, to maintain it. Fair deal if you ask me.

But if I did ever need a ramp, I'd just use my feminine charm to sucker some poor loser into building it for me :wink:  

04 May 2004 23:53

But if I did ever need a ramp, I'd just use my feminine charm to sucker some poor loser into building it for me :wink:[/quote]shoot i'll build 1 for u...but i dont know if u r HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

05 May 2004 07:42
Well then, lets make a list then shall we-

*I'm 5 foot 2 inches tall (short :oops: )

*My eyes are purple (contacts rock!) There really brown naturally, but no one ever sees them

*I'm NOT fat, at all. Size 1 jeans! (I'm proud of that)

*I've got really really long curly thick hair (it's kinda crazy, but it looks ok, and I've grown to like it) Its pretty much brown with a slight trace of blonde from when I was a wee little one.

*I'm not heavily endowed, but I'm not flat chested.

*I've got three freckles on my left cheek

*jeans and t-shirts most of the time, and my black hightop converses with red and black checkered shoelaces! My socks never match either...

So no, I'm probably not what you would consider hot, but then again you never really know until you see someone. I'm not ugly... but then again, all I'd have to do is kiss you and you'd build my ramp :wink: I'm good at that... I'd be the most beautiful thing you ever saw after I kissed you. Thats my one god given talent...

Just ask my boyfriend!  

05 May 2004 08:09
i think im in love... :oops: :oops: :oops:  

05 May 2004 08:14
yeah with a hamburger probaly

anyway i think u would look got in a hat (or cap as you yanks call it) did not mean to afend but i think we can call u that better then tea drinking poshland as someone called england once talk to ya l8er please keep the details cuming in nolaquen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

05 May 2004 11:56
[quote=skateboarder]yeah with a hamburger probaly[/quote]

LMAO... thats hilarious, but then again its kind of mean... :shock: :P :lol:  

05 May 2004 22:30
dude that was lowwww...................  

05 May 2004 23:28
lol shit nolaquen ill be over in the morning to build you a ramp  

06 May 2004 07:49
Yeah whatever you guys sound like a bunch of desperate fags who can't get a girlfriend....get real......  

07 May 2004 03:53
yeh fuck internet girlfriends n all that shit r for deprate people who cant get nothin ..... how do u know nolaqueen is what she says she is.......... (no offence) nolaqueen :wink:  

09 May 2004 11:33
I am who I say I am because I would never lie about something like that. I've had experience with internet liers, and in the end I ended up getting RAPED... All it takes is some nice guy saying he wants to meet you in person and go to a movie.

And it's not that I'm just really dumb or something... internet stalkers are very cunning. I had talked to this particular guy several months and thought I knew him well. He was my FRIEND, and that's exactly what he wanted me to think.

But then again, if you dont even believe I'm who I say I am, then why should you believe this?

And I have a REAL boyfriend anyway, who was the only person who didn't think I was a huge slut for what happened... You know guys at my school think I'm easy now? Well I'm sick of people thinking that I'm not who I really am, so maybe I just won't even post here anymore...  

09 May 2004 21:40
fuck me hope it does not put u of chattin to us he is a rareaty  

09 May 2004 21:59
please stay :oops: :oops:  

09 May 2004 22:17
pleeze dont leave...you r cool...  

19 May 2004 07:44
tru tru  

19 May 2004 13:15
I'm not leaving... I have too much fun here.  

19 May 2004 20:17
hay nolaquen have u eva landed a kickflip  

20 May 2004 12:54
LOL... yeah right! Maybe in my dreams... or your dreams... but either way, no. Why? Because I'm just not that good yet.  

20 May 2004 18:43
ha ha ha

my dreams are a bit different if ure catching my drift :lol: :lol: :lol:  

20 May 2004 21:33
oooohhh....you little bastard....none of that in here please.....eh?  

22 May 2004 01:13
None of what? I assure you that there was no dirty meaning in whats been said here. Maybe your the one who needs to get YOUR mind out of the gutter, perhaps?

lol :wink:  

22 May 2004 01:40
thats right nolaquen i was talkin about stuff like doing 900's and double mctwists tou dirty minded ?????  

22 May 2004 18:03
a double mctwist would be maddd  

23 May 2004 05:02
oooohhh thats dirty talk somebody ban these men (and ladies)  

26 May 2004 05:08
Oh, lay off it already! If your going to read too much into everything, and then freak out about it, maybe you shouldn't be posting here. Your obviously the only one who can't handle it.  

26 May 2004 05:18
u go girl  

26 May 2004 10:53
Ohh shit I shouldn't known you'd be a BITCH.Your heads getting to big with everybody saying how they want you and all so now you think your all that,eh?You obviously can't take a joke cuz your getting pretty pissed off with what I'm saying....you must be embarrsed or you know its true to be getting really pissed........it's all these girls who think they're hot that are so bitchy....so YOU lay off!!!

Good Day! :twisted:  

27 May 2004 02:15
good way to put it billy.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: but u also need to take it easy man.... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:  

27 May 2004 04:03
I couldn't tell that you were trying to be funny. Probably because all you've done sinse I posted on this thread was put me down. If you didnt realize, your little "joke" was ruining ours.

I hope your happy, now that you successfully hurt my feelings.

And I know I'm not pretty... but I never really felt ugly until now.  

27 May 2004 06:27

27 May 2004 08:49
Well if your gona make a ramp and your not gona move it at all. Make a strong frame probley metal then use concreate (Not spelt right, DAMNIT).

I never skate off wood ramps. Had my share of huge splinters. :shock:  

27 May 2004 08:51
i like the way y0ton always sticks to the point of the thread its funny

N E way i think ure fit nolaquen and as 4 u skr_bnmn i think ure a ugly gay bastard  

27 May 2004 12:32
lol :lol:

Me and my weird replys. :wink:  

27 May 2004 12:34
im gunna fuckin burn my shit halfpipe its pissin me off :twisted: :twisted:  

27 May 2004 13:48
i will take your half pipe...  

27 May 2004 20:43
YOten....good job sticking to the topic!!!!

And Nolaquen ....sorry about hurting your feeling but if your going to talk shit about me or whatever of course it'll come right back at you....cuz I'm not just going to let someone talk shit to me and leave it alone......sorry but it's what i do. I stick up for myself.  

28 May 2004 00:42
fare point but when did she eva talk shit

and lets call it quits i like it when we get along ok  

28 May 2004 09:45
yeh those posts arguing about u guys having dreams about each other are really boring to read lol  

28 May 2004 13:18
hey im lost wot was the original point to this thread  

28 May 2004 13:21
It was about how to make a ramp. :)  

28 May 2004 13:33
oh yeah cheers it took me and my mate 2 months to do our ramp i'll have pics soon k on my lookitsme.com account  

28 May 2004 13:35
sick my friend hada ramp but the rain made it all shitty and lumpy  

29 May 2004 07:38
I love ramps.

(I'm also sticking to the topic now)  

30 May 2004 05:24
I dream about your ramp! :lol:

I'm sorry... I just couldnt let that one go un-said.  

30 May 2004 06:40

well at least we're back on topic now  

30 May 2004 20:36

well at least we're back on topic now  

30 May 2004 20:37
yes indeed......ramps are very special.....I think everybody will admit that ramps turn us on, eh?

kinda kidding cuz I have a more of a thing for rails or stairs......  

01 Jun 2004 04:41
not good on rails or steps...it sux :cry: :cry: :cry:  

01 Jun 2004 05:11
wtf did fat ska8ter jus say i dont undestand  

01 Jun 2004 09:55

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