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here is my set up please dont make fun of me cause im new to this i got my stuff yesturday here it is.

Deck: Alien Workshop ironman
Trucks: GK-6 Black Truck
Wheels: Spitfire Firelight Ellington 52mm Wheels

honestly i dont know what else i have i have sumthing like abec bearings and thats alli know theyset my deck up so i don't know what kind of grip tape i have sumone tell me if i made a big mistake  

27 Apr 2004 04:58
abec bearings??? u mean your bearings are abec [insert number here]. anyway, how much did u pay for this monstrosity?  

27 Apr 2004 18:17
it's abec 5 bearings and i payed $210 without tax and 235 with tax  

27 Apr 2004 23:23
Ill give you 3 out of 10 cuz I only like the board.....and abec 5 is good too  

28 Apr 2004 17:46
U r jokin me rite? unless the exchange rate has suddenly exploded and £'s are worth $5, that's a bad deal!!!!!!!! My friends brother got a pretty cool complete for £50. Renna........ ok, not that cool, but better than yours  

28 Apr 2004 18:06

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