20.75 inch frames?

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Hi, right now I'm riding a 20.25 inch frame, and I grew a little since I got it, and now it feels pretty short and my bunnyhop height has decreased. I was wondering if anyone knew of either a good 20.625 or 20.75 inch frame?

I've looked at the Fly Pantera and Terrible One Barcode, but don't really want either. I'm about to decide on the Fit Series 2, but I'm looking for suggestions first.


28 Apr 2004 21:55
lame dogg
dude been there and i feel yo knockin aye!
my advice is to try getting a very low set of handlebars and lowering yo seat and getting one of those bent seat posts i found it a treasure, at least you could still bunny hop i kept falling of the back and almost nailing myself all the time the lower the stance of your bike makes it easier and the bike almost feels longer but just give it a go wont cost yo much get back to me tell us what you think, just remember go as low as you can

LAME DOGGY DOGG :lol: :lol:  

29 Apr 2004 06:04
Skate and bmx
how long should the frame be because i think that mine is too small cuz my knees hit the handles some times  

13 May 2004 03:19
Skate and bmx
my frame i mean from the seat bar to the handle bars is 18 inches....... that is too small right?  

13 May 2004 03:24
Top tube measurement is from the middle of the head tube to the middle of the seat tube. If that is what you mean by 18", that is way to small. If you hit your knees a lot, consider a longer frame.

I actually just got a Fly Pantera frame last Wednesday, and it is so great! Spins and jumps are easier than ever. I've gotten a few 360 bunnyhops already. Now I'm just waiting for the shop to get a left side drive freewheel, because mine's frozen, and some Kink Light pegs, then my bike will be super good.

Also, I realized that although S&M said that the Dirtbike Classic frames (Not the newer Classic Dirtbikes) were 5 lbs. 14 oz., it was actually about 7 lbs! (yes, without the bearings or headset).

My bike is now 30 lbs. Maybe I'll get something lighter than my Pitchfork someday.

Thank you all for your feedback!  

18 May 2004 04:45

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