Lord Of Rings vs. Matrix

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Hey what do you think is better....and why.I think I would have to say LOTR and i don't really know why....problly a better story line  

28 Apr 2004 22:13
i think there both crap :P :P :P although i do like the matrix game :D :D :D  

29 Apr 2004 15:21
LOTR is the most famous best-selling book of all time, the three films are 3 best money-makers ever, numberous oscars and awards...

no competition - problem...  

29 Apr 2004 20:09
I never actually could make myself sit all the way through the matrix... it just wasnt worth my time.

LoTR- they were intertaining the first time, but now its lame... But seeing as how I'm supposed to pick between the two, I'm going with LoTR, definately. (Pippin was kinda sexy :oops: ! Just Kidding)  

05 May 2004 07:43
lord o the rings is 3 hours per film thus making it 9 hours long just think how many posts i could do here probaly thosands

go matrix  

05 May 2004 11:47

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