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i have been doing kickflips for ages now but i cant land them its realy fustrating i have landed them b4 :(  

29 Apr 2004 21:13
why not try and get a small trampoline take of ya trucks and do them or just pracice  

30 Apr 2004 11:28
Thats acually pretty friends are real good at that I just don't wanna take time to do that so...I don't really try....but they're bustings out varial heels and double,trple kickflips...christ air...pretty sweet stuff...  

15 May 2004 02:07
hahaha... probably is fun, but prbly quite dangerous 2. hehehe

PS. Cam, u r gay  

15 May 2004 11:55
No pain .. no gain.... as my grandma always says........j/k  

16 May 2004 05:42
hey guys trust me when i say trampolines window sills and a toy house is a disaster waiting 2 happen skatin is good but no jumpin oh yeah i can now d kickflip  

16 May 2004 23:36
Cool... that means your like a WHOLE LOT better than me! I'm still struggling with ollies. Not that I've had that much time to practice... It wont stop raining!  

16 May 2004 23:43
hey rainin is 4 england not florida cool looks like were gettin the heat and your not 4 a change

cool were chattin together nolaquen  

16 May 2004 23:45
WOW :shock: Its amazing... ok, anyway, yeah, and all this rain is pissing me off because I'm trying to clean my pool and it keeps flooding, and all that new rain water doesnt have chlorine in it, so I keep having to dump more of it in there, and its making the water murky, and for some dumbass reason the drop-out didnt work, so now I have to vaccuum the bottom anyway even though I cant see the bottom, and then do it all again and hope it works next time. Grrrrrrrrr... I want the heat back...  

16 May 2004 23:52
cool u have a pool oh how i wood luv to be there i would built a lil shelter so no rain could get in i have a jacuzzi but its too small to sk8 in is your pool deep nols  

16 May 2004 23:55
3 feet in the shallow end, nine feet in the deep end... inground, obviously...

Anyway, I have to go :( My daddy is about to smack me if I dont get off... I have to clean my room... I hate being a kid (sort of a kid anyway)


16 May 2004 23:59
cool babe nice chattin hope to here from u again your mate skateboarder  

17 May 2004 00:01
Dont be like that... its not like my room is more important than talking to you... my dads makin me get off. I'm not even supposed to be on right now, so I got to get off or else I'll be on computer restriction for like a week...


17 May 2004 00:16
look babe i wood rather wait a day then a week best get off trust me that is difficult to say  

17 May 2004 00:20
i can almost swicw kickflip now i jus tried it the other day n i can almost do it  

17 May 2004 12:45
i can do it nollie just learnt nollie heel's and i can swizz kickflip statinary never landed one rolling might give it a go in a min  

17 May 2004 13:48
we should all just gather up all the threads labeled "Kickflip," "Ollie," "Pop shove it." and just put them all in a list and make a list so all the people who want to ask how to do those, have a big list to choose from :D  

18 May 2004 04:12
Man...Everclear you just read my frickin mind....just as I was saying all these times...your if these people would listen this forum would be such a happier place,eh?  

18 May 2004 04:28
it sure as hell would be.


This is me if this idea were to ever take off.

:P :wink: :D :twisted: 8)

Just go to your happy place.  

19 May 2004 03:37
lol....right on...!!!  

20 May 2004 03:33

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