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what do u think of my board  

29 Apr 2004 21:20
not bad but what the heck are nosebleed bearings!!!!??!?!  

05 May 2004 02:38
i think they are zero.but not sure...  

05 May 2004 08:22
there herion ones  

05 May 2004 23:56
wot a complete pile of shite. U shud just put it on the bonfire, u batty.

Ps. just kiddin  

06 May 2004 18:18
Hey right wernt the way what are you riding?  

07 May 2004 03:43
cam dude, your setup is cool, better than mine anyway although you havent seen my new deck have you?  

11 May 2004 11:51
dude thats not bad its much better than mine i really need a new deck i have like a 20 dollar deck that i bought at a garage sale, but it works  

12 May 2004 03:17
heh heh....... sk8r_bnmn, i ride an element fibrelight, grind king trux and sum bearings i threw together....... oh wait, that was a dream, i actually ride an old mongoose that is chipped in more places than you can imagine, sum noname trux and sum bearings i got off mark......... yeah, i can talk!!!  

14 May 2004 18:04
Oh man your deck has me drooling all over the computor.....j/k.....but good luck with  

15 May 2004 02:05
man im buyin a new lib tech off ebay that is pretty's a alex bland board...has anybody heard of him???????  

15 May 2004 08:33
hhahaha...... sk8r bnmn, u hav me in stiches........ u bastard......  

15 May 2004 11:46
I do what i can.....or something.....oh what!?  

16 May 2004 05:47

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