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i am wondering the best run you lot have done on a mini or vert in my garden ive got a 1/2 pipe see website and i did a

feeble to rock to fakie to fakie rock to rock and roll to axle to rock to fakie to tail stall then landed thats thats six moves im sure some has a better run  

30 Apr 2004 11:34
I can put all my tricks into one run but some of my tricks are nosestall,tailstall,fakie nosestall reverts out , disaster , kickflip rock 180 out ,bs smith grinds, blunts etc I'll have them in my next video and then I'll post that....  

05 May 2004 02:28
can't wait to see em

i've been trying blunts(nose or normal) there well hard...... the way im trying it is to drop in... rock to fakie... then as im just near the coping .....bearing in mind im fakie... i try to fakie ollie... and get the nose over the coping.. then nollie back in difficult... god my arm is aching

ps i like nolaquen 4ever :o :o xxxx  

05 May 2004 12:25

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