what injuries have u got from skateboarding?

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what injuries have u guys got from skateboarding.....and how did u do it?
i have broken my wrist but thats it :o  

30 Apr 2004 13:16
i droped in a 6 foot 1/4 pipe and collided with a bmxer he threatened to snap my bord but i legged it ...sukka oh yeah me injury i broke me thumb i have also broke a rib on a bastard bmx i fucking hate bmx's  

30 Apr 2004 13:32
In my astounding 48 hours of skating, I already have horrible, horrible bruises all up and down my shins. Not just the sissy ones that turn purple... I'm talking the ones that swell up and throb even when nothings touching them. The ones that you get from hitting the same place more than enough times really hard. If thats any indication of my liability to injury, I'm headed for some serious hurt.

As for how I got these bruises... my shins always find their way into the most impact on any fall (like curbs... ouch), and then there are my stupid mistakes like when I flip the board up onto the top of my feet and accidentally whack myself in the shin.

I can only imagine I'll look absolutely dashing in my bikini this summer, lol. So yeah... I know its pretty lame, but thats my skateboarding injury thus far.  

01 May 2004 01:51
Oh, and to all those that hate BMX, more power to ya!  

01 May 2004 01:53
i almost broke my leg on a curb.i tried to nose slide and hit really hard.but my hole leg was blue and purple.dern that really hurt  

01 May 2004 08:05
insantiy strikes
Ive not realy been skating much, but only fractured my finger lol.

More serious injureys happened like breaking my coller bone on my bmx. Came flying down a road (biggg steep hill) tried to jump onto kurb, but my stunt peg smacked the curb and i went flying over the sidewalk and hit the wall of a building. * i was concussed and totaly fucked my bmx lol*

Also when i was a rebel, i broke my wrist on my sisters b-day with a micro scooter lol. hit a crack in the pavement. :P  

02 May 2004 00:21
I tried dropping in on one of those verticle slides and broke both my arms and legs.  

02 May 2004 13:57
ive broke both my wrists from just falling and putting my hands out in front of me and ya i hate bmx'rs to  

02 May 2004 22:54
i'm kind of a pussy skater(don't no if i shud say that), so i barely ever get badly hurt, but my mate mark once tried to olie 5 branches and the board flipped up and hit him rite between the legs..... man that was nasty..... ooooh.........ugh, it hurts thinkin abut it.

PS. big up to u BMX haters  

04 May 2004 17:48
finally BOZ sayin sum thing that makes sense [color=darkblue]big up to u BMX haters[/color]  

04 May 2004 18:09
My worst is getting sacked on a 7 stair handrail and then on a mackshift which was just as big but longer........I was pissing blood for weeks...naa just kidding no blood but it hurt like hell  

05 May 2004 01:56
a vid wood be cool oh yeah big news me mate broke his foot and i saw him do it he feel from the top of the platform on his foot at a angel he has decided to try and ollie a 10 stair set and there not small i think his foot may fall of should hav vid and  

05 May 2004 12:46
i hav got a realy bad ankle from sk8in :(  

06 May 2004 00:03
boz i hav had worse than mark look at my ankle  

06 May 2004 00:04
hahahahhah... sorry cam, but it wuz quite funny. Mark got u gud didn't he!  

06 May 2004 17:58
I broke my toe the other day because the heal on my shoe was so high that the pressure cracked it...

Ok, you caught me. Thats not a skateboarding injury. Your just too perseptive for me I guess... :lol:

I'm serious about the toe thing though.  

09 May 2004 03:24
luckily, i havent broken anything. The only thing that has ever happend to me skateboarding was get this sharp ass rock stuck in my palm... Fkkn Rocks  

09 May 2004 03:38
yeah, rocks piss me off an all. Bastard rocks. I fkkin h8 thm. Buggers. Wankers. ARRGHH!  

15 May 2004 12:15
you said it.....I hate when their under you skin and shit...that sucks  

16 May 2004 05:35
yep stick it to the man i h8 it when u hit a rock on ure skateboard n go flying that sux  

17 May 2004 12:56
yeah but it's more like a pebble.....so small you gotta look for what you hit....  

18 May 2004 04:29

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