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I know that there have been a ton of threads on this, and I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't desperate. I just can't seem to get the back of the board to come up. It seems like my back wheels only ever leave the ground for like a split second. Needless to say, Im not getting much jump, which defeats the purpose of doing an ollie in the first place.

First off I figured that I just wasnt jumping high enough... if I'm in the way the board definatly isnt just going to lift me up. But I've been jumping higher and I'm still having the same problem. Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm not sliding my foot forward fast enough, thus not leveling the board, making my back wheel stay down? Anyone ever had that problem, and is it likely that thats why I'm having this problem?

I suppose its possible that I'm just not slamming the back hard enough... opinions please?

Ah, and also sometimes when I slam the tail down the board will turn towards the front, and then me front foot completely misses it, and my back foot hits the tail again and the board pops up and hits me in the shins. Whats up with that? Is it a stupid mistake of mine or did anyone else do the same?

Oh, and just out of curiousity, how long did it take you to learn to ollie?  

01 May 2004 02:22
hey man sorry i cant give much help i suck at helping people but it took me ages to learn how to ollie i used to pop the ollie then put my right foot on the ground (i skate rugular) so just practice n one day itll click  

01 May 2004 06:14
pop the tail as hard as u can.and also put ur foot back further.  

01 May 2004 08:19
make sure ur bak foot is centered on the tail tip of the board, then hit it down as hard as u can slide ur front foot forward, JUMP, and push down a little on ur front foot so it levels out. go to skateboarding.com click on trick help and theres like a video and instructions on ollieing.  

01 May 2004 19:08
Alright, thanks guys. I'm doing better now... still not good, but better.  

03 May 2004 03:39
just dont give up.you'll get better  

03 May 2004 05:38
i would suggest watching your :cry: :cry: boyfriend :cry: :cry: ollieing it may help also get some shin pads we dont wont no bruising now do we

sorry i sound a bit emotional :cry:  

04 May 2004 10:55
um..... i've never had a problem ollieing...... um..... ....... Ok i lied: i coudn't ollie 4 weeks before i learned. :cry:  

04 May 2004 17:44
I don't even remeber the time I was learning ollies that was only 4 years back.....man I'm getting old....just kidding  

05 May 2004 02:00
[quote]i would suggest watching your boyfriend ollieing it may help also get some shin pads we dont wont no bruising now do we

sorry i sound a bit emotional [/quote]

Hmmm... too late about the bruising, but thank you for your concern.

It's alright though, because in gym class (when I wear my short shorts :shock: ) people ask how I got them, and then I get to sound all cool cuz I'm a skater :D . Luckily there usually so surprised, they dont realize that bruises are a sign that maybe I'm not so good at it :wink:  

05 May 2004 06:35
ima great sk8er but i still get bruises...  

05 May 2004 07:38
I didnt mean that good skaters didnt get bruises. But I bet bad skaters get more... at least the bad skaters like me who try (which is why we get hurt). Sorry... didnt mean to offend anyone...  

05 May 2004 08:13
oh ok....  

05 May 2004 08:16

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