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insantiy strikes
Hey, My mates have been skating for a while and I kinda' liked the idea so i went out and blew out on a nice setup, tell me if its good or what can be improved etc. oh yeah, im gunna be street skating.

Deck: Girl, Mike Carrol sig.
Trucks: Tensor
Wheels: Spitfire 54mm
bearings: Boner Red's (abec5's)
Hardware: Flip
Risers: Some silicon ones to absorb shock.

Good bad?

Also, i went out and spent some money on a ramp and rail. I have only realy went off a ramp just by rasing my front trucks, i can hardly ollie (my front goes up but my back stays grounded). So since i made this purchess i need to know some basic tips on grinding. eek.

Basicly, im a noob that needs a little guidance, please help me! ;)  

02 May 2004 00:16
yeah thats a pretty good set up.  

02 May 2004 06:07
Boner reds? Sound good  

02 May 2004 13:54
Not that I'm an expert or anything, but it sounds pretty good to me. Then again anything is better than what I've got, and just from using my other friends boards I've learned that it really doesnt make that much difference as long as you know what your doing (or dont know, in my case :shock: )  

03 May 2004 01:13
ooh, that sounds fancy!  

04 May 2004 17:41
Everything is good except your bearings,wheels and risers......cuz you don't ever need risers.....unless you ride a 1/2 pipe....  

05 May 2004 02:03
dude u r wrong...u need risers if u r alittle over weit..  

05 May 2004 08:00
insantiy strikes
Hmm, well i seen my friends board without risers, his is cracking to death etc. And hes total under weight! Also, my wheels are skating pretty good and my bearings may be abec 5 but there almost keeping up with my friends abec 7 board. Got my grinding sorted :D. Stil got the ollie trouble, but when the weather clears up am away out skating. This dude i know says im not moving my weight or summin so im gunna try focus on my whole balance thing. :D  

07 May 2004 01:09
[quote=fatsk8er]dude u r wrong...u need risers if u r alittle over weit..[/quote]

well hey that might help but I've used decks with pads and decks without....they both still give me pressure  

07 May 2004 03:30

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