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So, I just have a question or two; very broad. I'm looking for opinions mainly from people who actually know what there talking about.

With skateboarding, you get TONS of brands of stuff for boards, shoes, etc... I just want to know what's worth buying? If I'm going to spend some money, I dont want to regret it in the end. I'm mainly in the market for a new board and shoes, but any other recomendations are welcomed.

And about the shoes(because I know asking about shoes is kinda dumb), I figure their just like any other shoes, so thats why I'm asking. Like from my track days, I always bought adidas because nike always fell apart quickly; so which brand of skate shoes is best quality?

I'm blissfully clueless about this sort of stuff.
Thanx for helping out a newbie.

Oh, and I'm a chick... dont know if that makes a difference or not, but you never know.  

03 May 2004 01:54
ok i have been skatin for a while so i will tech(kinda expensive but great boards).etnies hold up for a long time.lib techs hold there concave 4ever also dc is what a lot of the posers wear.(no offense to anyone who wears dc)adio is cool.vans and airwalks are good to.element fiberlites suck to because after u ride it for a couple of days it gets soggy and breaks(again im sorry if i made anyone just tellin the im sorry).so there u go bro.  

03 May 2004 05:35
Funny you should name DC as the poser shoes, because everyone around here thats a poser wears etnies (DC too, but not near as common). That doesn't mean that I won't consider getting the etnies though. Adio seems to be the favorite of the real skaters in my area.

As far as the boards, I thank you! My cousin keeps trying to steer me towards element fiberlite, but he suffers from what I like to call "what I have has to be the best" syndrome, and doesnt care what the real truth is. (He also said to get Emerica shoes, but as I noticed, you didn't even mention them)

Anyway, thanks for the recomendations! Anyone elses input would be thankfully received. Especially if you were to back up anything that fatsk8er said, that way I'd know for sure.

For your help I give you a milles grosses bises (being a girl, I have that power :wink: )  

03 May 2004 06:39
Alright! Grrrrr... where would I go about getting lib tech? Living in the shitty little town that I do, there not exactly in high demand (the closest store that I know of is like 70 miles from here)

Now, normally I do all my shopping over the internet (except for clothes; then I head down to the mall with my dads plastic in my pocket) But I cant seem to find it. I did find the official site, but of coarse they don't sell the stuff, they just tell you were the nearest store is.

So am I just stupid, or can you really not get this online? Because that would be a first.  

03 May 2004 07:36
OOOOOOHKAAAAY.... stupid mistake... really stupid mistake. I found em'. I could have just deleted my last post, but then I thought some of you might get a good laugh out of my stupidity. And if it didnt make you laugh, you can now openly make fun of me with no remorse (not that any of you would have any anyway)  

03 May 2004 07:44
Uhhoh... I found another thing I dont understand. Whats this 7.75x31.5 and 8x32.5 about? I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and say that those are measurements, which means that me and my 5 foot 2 inch height 95 pound self would need the smaller one? Am I right?

And I understand this is only the deck? What would you recommend for trucks, wheels, etc....?  

03 May 2004 07:53
Wow... at five posts in a row I'm beginnig to feel as though I'm talking to myself. But it cant be helped... all you guys are tucked away safely in your beds because were on two totally different time frames. Most of us anyway...  

03 May 2004 07:56
ok here u go.trucks u need to get grind king(being the skinny preson u r.or silver trucks.for them lok at ther sit.[url][/url])wheels ricta not spitfires(their for the off.)bearings get black panther they r made by shortys.they r fast. well i hope im helpin u again...  

04 May 2004 08:38
Thanks very much.

::whispering:: pssst... is that really all she has to say? OMG, its her shortest post ever, something must be horribly wrong... I'm speechless :wink:  

05 May 2004 00:32
[quote=fatsk8er]ok here u go.trucks u need to get grind king(being the skinny preson u r.or silver trucks.for them lok at ther sit.[url][/url])wheels ricta not spitfires(their for the off.)bearings get black panther they r made by shortys.they r fast. well i hope im helpin u again...[/quote]

yeah get silver trucks they're sweet....and ricta wheels...and black panther bearings or pigs . pigs last forever and roll forever.....  

05 May 2004 01:47
silver are so cool...  

05 May 2004 07:39
ya dude pig bearings are the best  

06 May 2004 07:38
Pig bearings rock like Metallica - hard and loud  

06 May 2004 18:11
[quote=boz]Pig bearings rock like Metallica - hard and loud[/quote]

you said it!!!!  

07 May 2004 03:45
oiz never get lakai shoes ..... they are so bad i had mine for about 1 month n i have a holes in like 10 different places dont waste ure money on em :!:  

09 May 2004 11:36
Yeah I heard that too.....I'll keep that in mind..  

10 May 2004 06:22

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