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Got a question about 2 of them... Hardflips and frontside flips. For a hard flip whats good footing for it. Like ive seen 2 ways of doing it, but i dunno, it just feels weird at first. And one problem is i dont get how to make my board flip vertical. (i just hope i dont get credit carded or something :P )... and 2nd... frontside flips. Tips? Anyone? Thanks.  

03 May 2004 03:53
sorry man i cant help u there.  

03 May 2004 05:37
nah sorry to i cant help u ever cause im still learning how to frontside flip so any help from any1 would b sick  

03 May 2004 11:04
I'll tell you the way I do them but don't expect them to work for you cuz it's best just to find your own way.....anyways for fs flps I put my foot like a kickflip,have my body turned in the direction you want to turn and then pop your ollie and start turningand kinda flip your board between you legs as your body turns......oh frick it's hard to explain in words and heres a hardflip one.....


just click on this link and there you go.....  

05 May 2004 02:22

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