how many people can kickflip

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how many of you can kickflip :?:  

03 May 2004 23:44
NO WAY :P Just thinking about trying that makes me hurt all over... but my boyfriend can (only half the time though, a lot of the time he screws up the landing)  

04 May 2004 00:07
nearly for me.i can flip it alot.but then sometimes i cant even pop it.and i have landed it alot.  

04 May 2004 08:30
i could kickflip before i was even born

ps i like nolaquen :wink:  

04 May 2004 10:27
hey hey, i love to kickflip, 180 flip to anticasper, oh yes!  

04 May 2004 15:43
I learnt how to kickflip long ago so.....yeah i can kickflip and then some.  

05 May 2004 02:05
[quote]ps i like nolaquen [/quote]

Awww, you like me, you really like me!

Wow, I can hardly even ollie, and I already have a fan club! lol, I love it, I really do...

I am sincerely tickled pink! :oops: I like you too! Especially when boz says things like "oh, your a girl, I though you were gay!" It makes you look all the better when you post right next too him :wink:  

05 May 2004 06:23
cool 8)  

05 May 2004 11:59
hey, thx. Not my fault i thought you were a gay guy. I've never met u. ARGHHHHH. I h8 life.  

06 May 2004 18:36
luk you made a mistake and we forgive you :)  

06 May 2004 18:37
Again, i owe my dignity to you, skateboarder. U truly r a good friend. And, to think, we were on the verge of tearing each other's gut's out with knifes! Oh it seems so long ago  

06 May 2004 18:40
don't it

i bet people are gunna luv reading our messages :wink:  

06 May 2004 18:41
Ah, fuck them. This is our forum now. They can go jack off in the garden.  

06 May 2004 18:42
yeah except nolaquen and mrphere :D :D :wink:  

06 May 2004 18:43
Oh, u bet.  

06 May 2004 18:45
fucking right you prick  

06 May 2004 18:47
Yeah, well, bring it u slag. U puff. U social retard, U.  

06 May 2004 18:48
ah man i recieved a blow to the head and had a bit of amnesia sorry man lucky i read the other messages  

06 May 2004 18:50
Man thats some spazzoms going on right here

ps I don't know how to spell so deal with it  

07 May 2004 03:38

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