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Hey there ,
Ive currently starting out bmxing about 2 weeks ago and well as you can see im in need of some help .
Ive seen the thrill and excitement of my friends riding and it seemed like alot of fun and well i guess its started from there.
Ive been riding for about 2 weeks now as mensioned earlier .
Im 15 years of age and on average i bmx for 2 hours a day ,
I know it may not seem alot but the thing thats stopping me from getting more out of riding is the " bunny hop " in particular .
I feel as though if i can learn this there will be more possibilities for me out there as a rider .
I know how to wheelie , but i cant endo - which may be a problem for learning the bunnyhop.
Ive asked my friends wot im doing wrong and they say that im not doing anything wrong for getting the front up but i need to learn how to get the back of the bike up.
I know once i get it it'l seem easy and i'l have doubts about why i couldnt do it in the first place , but at the moment i cant do it and thats where im hoping you guys come in coz you obviously have more expertise in this subject than me .
Im so confused with all the different ways now that people have told me i dont know which one is the right way for getting the back of the bike up.
Some say jump , some say lift front and lean forward , some tell me i need to push back on the pedals and lift the back up ... etc etc i dunno which ones reliable .
I need help with the technique.
I practise alot and ive had no success .
I know itl come to me sooner or later but for now any help would be appreciated .

~ Dwayne ~  

04 May 2004 22:56
right first of all start on tricks like a bunnyhop and bar spins.

o yeh and gees how long did you take writing that last post dude!!!  

09 May 2004 21:16
well i have been riding for bout 4 years ans what i did is just mess around for while then sometimes just things click as far as the bunnyhop you can only bunnyhop as far as yer hanlebars go need ant help ask

cheers cory  

10 May 2004 06:48
ummmm...just save up some money and buy some shimano clipless pedals :D then you just have to jump...haha no, the thing you need is just constant practice, never stop riding and in a while you will be asking for help with like...tailwhips and stuff 8) keep riding  

17 Jul 2004 20:20
Yes dkbmx is right, practice. You say you ride 2 hours a day? Well for those 2 hours you should be focusing on practicing that damn bunnyhop.  

17 Jul 2004 20:28
whats good 2 do is ride in a circle do a bunny hop then manual bunny hop then manual eventually ull be awsome at both  

17 Jul 2004 21:11
That seems like a good idea I'm going to do that, see if my manual and bunnyhops improve.  

18 Jul 2004 09:34
i read it on some website after like a few days i saw a great improvement  

18 Jul 2004 17:54

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