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i'm going to breckenridge on jan 4-9 and a friend is letting me borrow his snowboard. however he doesn't have bindings for me and the boots are too small. can you just rent bindings and boots from a place. i'm guessing you can so how much can i expect to spend so i don't get ripped off.  

25 Dec 2002 16:26
I think you can just rent the boots, but I have never heard of renting the bindings without the board. When I used to rent, it cost about $20-30 for the whole set-up depending on where you go.  

25 Dec 2002 16:27
Most places I have seen will only rent boards separately, not boots/bindings. but every store will have different policies. Be sure to call ahead to the local shops and see what they will do, usually the ones off the mountain will do more to work with you. And think about purchasing some boots before you get out there, rental boots are often very stiff and uncomfortable and that can make for a looong day.  

25 Dec 2002 16:29
i have rented only boots and bindings in the past. i was charged aroun 10-15$. but unless you are really stuck on wanting to ride that board, dont bother. it is much easier to just rent the whole set-up together, plus you dont have to worry about ruining your buddies board!  

25 Dec 2002 16:30
Omg! Where i board at if u rent stuff u certainly dont get ur moneys werth out of it tha boards are NOT waxed, tha boots have holes so ur feet freeze, and tha bindings sumtimes dont close right or whatever so it seriously sucks cause i remember my first year snowboarding so if i was u i would check out tha gear b4 i rent it but thats just my opinion on it! :P  

05 Feb 2003 17:18

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