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For those who didnt know, I went to compete in the Florida state history fair. The judges hated my paper, and everyone else from my school got their asses kicked too. (Actually we had a group live performance and a group documentary make it to the runoffs, but we still lost in the end.)

Anyway, the trip was fun though... at least when we were on the 2 hour trip back. Being in the hotel sucked because Susan Billie Maglissa and me arent exactly everybodies favorite people... the preps dont like us. But we were all togather in the same van without any other annoying people.

The trip back was awsome. Billie and Maglissa are rednecks, and Me and Susan are more into punk rock, so we kept switching around the radio. Maglissa is a really BIG redneck, so she kept pointing out all the "sexy" trucks that passed by. She got so into it that she started making throaty orgasm noises... the whole time I'm trying to help her with her algebra homework. She also begged to stop and get a fish sandwich everytime we passed a McDonalds. Shes a strange person...

And then Billie (a girl) is craving a cigg because she hadnt been able to have one on the trip with all the teachers and parents around. She was spitting up all this nasty loogie shit and making up stories to tell miss johns (our school administrator) who thinks she might be a smoker.

Susan spent most of the time with her headphones on headbanging to Queens of the Stoneage. (there was a guy competing in the compitition with a mohawk... Susan basically stalked him. Love at first sight I guess)

And then my boyfriend is calling every five minutes to see if I've started my period yet because... well anyway...

Anyway... it was hellafun! We also went to this huge mall and I spent like 50 bucks on thongs an a playboy bunny t-shirt. I always buy that kinda stuff out of town so my mom cant make me take it back.

Anyway, now that I've told everyone about that, heres something fun... What's the craziest, funnest, whateverist trip you've been on?  

09 May 2004 04:01
Hehehe... I could tell you about the pictures we took in the hotel room, but I'd get kicked off for sure... PM me if you really want to know.  

09 May 2004 06:18

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