newbie dont know how to do a bunny hop!

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can some one please help me on doing a bunny hop  

09 May 2004 18:25
all youve really gota do is pull up on your handle bars and when there high enough in the air. push down on them which should bring the back up  

09 May 2004 21:08
Pull up and lean back at once. Then bring your knees up, which should get the back end up. Make sure you have your right or left foot FORWARD, and not up and down.  

11 May 2004 01:22
Ride at a jogging speed to start, make sure your feet are parallel on your pedals. Then when you're ready lift up your handle bars as far as possible. Once you've done this push your handle bars foward and it will bring the back up, but use your feet to help. The bunnyhop is kind of hard to explain and understand, but once you practice and first start doing it, it's very simple.  

11 May 2004 06:11
You know my friend who skateboards, the first time he went on my bike, he did the bunny hop, i was amazed but jealous  

23 Jun 2007 19:20
thanks guys..ur advice may help..I'l try tomorrow. :)

25 Jul 2007 01:00
i just pop the front of the bike up and shove the ehandel bars forward.  

01 Aug 2007 19:25

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