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oh my god people im writing this with a broken leg and 2 ribs try and guess what i did i'll tell u after a few replys

ps it f***ing hurt

pps i will not be able to sk8 in the king of concrete 2004 arghhhhhhhhh :cry: :cry: :oops: :P :x :evil:  

10 May 2004 10:30
oi tell us come itll make my day lol no offnece  

10 May 2004 12:20
2 more punk

ps from different members no guests hahahahahahahahaha  

10 May 2004 13:35

10 May 2004 15:38

10 May 2004 15:42
ok i jumped out of my window flipped through a toy house and inside was a trampoline small one and i ended up about 10 feet in the air missing my landing mark some old mattress so there

ps dont try it its bad  

10 May 2004 16:00
That actually sounds kinda fun... I mean until the part where you missed your landing mark...

I'd love to be consoling or something, but I've never had a major injurie like that before, so I really don't know what to tell you...  

10 May 2004 23:51
Anyway... thats really got to suck... Especially about having to miss the King of Concrete thing...

Speaking of concrete, I just got done reading this really disturbing article about concrete. If anyone wants to check it out go here [url][/url]

It's really gross though...  

11 May 2004 05:23
:shock: ya thats disturbing  

11 May 2004 06:45
oh my god that is sick

funny though

ps what does pl stand for  

11 May 2004 10:38
oh my lord, i think i'm going to faint. And i only read the first line..... it must be 2 much for my fragile being.......  

11 May 2004 11:31
I thought you guys would like that :wink:  

11 May 2004 15:03
i fought it was well funny hay boz did you manage to read the story

ps i'm well pissed off that i can't make the koc 2004 i've got a free pass 4 next year though  

11 May 2004 16:08
:lol: That shits wack!! :lol:  

13 May 2004 01:09
so did his whole rectum turn in to concrete and he died lol lol lol  

13 May 2004 09:55
kinda crazy and very gay!!!  

14 May 2004 18:24
hi boz wanna chat quickly again  

14 May 2004 18:28
hohoho, i like the idea! but u r jammin up the already slow computer, os it may not be as quik......  

14 May 2004 18:32
so u seen kill bill boz  

14 May 2004 18:33
possibly.... might have been one of those films i just fogot..... oh, ok, no :cry:  

14 May 2004 18:36
its is so funney two thumbs up actually 1 cause i fuckin broke the other 1 lol

N E 1 else here seen kill bill vol 1,2  

14 May 2004 18:39
haha, broken thumb, that's a comical injury....  

14 May 2004 18:41
yeah i no

dont log off this time we were chattin well quick  

14 May 2004 18:43
hey, last ime i cudn't help it, sumone has control of my PUBLIC computer..... anyway, it'll happen again.... i come down on most weekdays, try then, bout 3-5 i'll be round.....

PS. I just noticed whilst waiting 4 my fuckin slow computer to load that u put three *'s in F**KING instead of 2. haha. u r smely!  

14 May 2004 18:46

bet u aint got those pics have u  

14 May 2004 18:49
wot pics? Oh u mean Nolaquen? I just asked.......  

14 May 2004 18:51
yeah nolaquens pics

ps sorry nolaquen for discussin these pix dont worry though i wont give them to ne 1 or tell them wot they are about  

14 May 2004 18:57
can i hav them? Pleez?  

15 May 2004 11:56
hahahahahahahahaha boz u make me lol you foolish earthling u can never get them

ps if u want them try ans hack into my comuter

lol lol lol lol lol  

15 May 2004 21:02
First of all, the pictures that Skateboarder has are NOT the pictures that I couldnt even tell you guys about (in fear of getting kicked off). There just pictures of me. Regular, Normal, Everyday type pictures. I dont really care who sees them or not. At least it would clear up that crap about me not really being who I say I am.

Anybody every been paintballing? I went for the first time today. Its been a long time sinse I've had that much fun. Kinda hurt though. No one got it as bad as Marc though... he got hit right in the family jewels. Christina was a close second; left side of her forhead swelled up to twice its normal size.  

16 May 2004 04:12
Oh yeah paintballing is pretty fun...thats all i gotta say...  

16 May 2004 05:29

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