hey can N E 1 help

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i've got a picture that i want as a avatar but its 2 big the size is about 9 kb but the width and length are more how can i change the size

ps please reply thanx xxxxxxxxx  

10 May 2004 10:47
You know... I have the EXACT same question. This thing is really starting to piss me off, because no matter what I do something is always too big and it wont let me use it...


So anyway, I obviously dont know the answer... I dont know why I posted...  

10 May 2004 23:57
i found somebody with this avatar and just copied it...  

11 May 2004 08:24
hay nolaquen what pic have u got i wood luv to see it

ps thanks 4 writing bac  

11 May 2004 10:36

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