Gear Cleaning Techniques?

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I have a big pile of gear, Grigi's, biners, and ropes, that have been sand abused all summer long. Can anyone point my to a good source for methods to clean and lube this stuff? Or just tell me how you would do it.

Thanks, Ryan  

28 Dec 2002 14:30
Go to a bicycle shop and buy some White Lightning. Its a wax-based lubricant (as opposed to oil-based). Works great on gear and does not attract dirt and grime. Best solution i've seen.  

28 Dec 2002 14:33
I found the best way to clean your rope is to buy woolite and put it a tub of water and wash it then squeez all the water out of the rope and hang to dry. 8)  

28 Dec 2002 14:34
Fresh water for ropes, slings.

Same for grigris etc, dry them good and proper them loob them up with some bike loob. Not to much!  

28 Apr 2004 13:37
Jim McCrossan
There was a good article on [URL=] [/URL] about rope cleaning techniques and when to retire a rope for tree climbing professionals (arborists, tree loppers etc). Alot of the manufacturers also put info about how to clean ropes, their load capacities etc on their wedbsites. Just google samson ropes, new england rope, yale cordage etc or whatever brand of rope you may have. safety first dude!  

03 Apr 2006 08:03

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