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I'm looking to take up BMX and needs some tips about whats needed. Any advice on bikes, tricks, getting started etc, you name it i'm ready to read about it. I'm wanting to ride street and there's a good skate park nearby so i've got access to some ramps etc. Help a newbi out! :D


15 May 2004 23:16
One great tip, in my point of view, and this goes for basically all extreme sports. Do not be afraid to fall. The fear of falling and getting hurt can ruin you. When you want to do a trick try not to think about it so much and just try it. The more you think the less of a chance you will do it. Obviously as far as tricks go you are going to need to learn how to do a bunnyhop. Read some of the past posts on here about bunnyhop help, and while your at it read a lot of the posts you will learn if you do. You mentioned you want to ride street, street bikes are heavy. Heavy for a purpose but non the less heavy. They average around 30-40 pounds. If you ask people what is the best bike for you to start out with you will get a variety of answers. Because everyone has different likes. So just go with a bike someone tells you they think is good and as you BMX longer and longer try different brands of bikes to see which fits you best.  

16 May 2004 06:49
Sound advice Click.. thanks... :wink:  

20 May 2004 04:40
Yes but when you wanna try that trick, some people say "Your a dumbass" when your on top of that ramp getting ready to do a trick.  

23 Jun 2007 19:25

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