wot do u lot think of my brand new sey up .............

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ive just got:

plane black fracture deck
classic venture trucks
fracture nuts and bolts (all black)
Riot Vibra Soft Risers
the brand new griptape from volcom
and really nice white wheels not sure what make they r
and finally abec 7 bones red  

20 May 2004 11:38
Everything except the bearings I've never heard of but....either way It all sucks cuz I havent EVER heard of that setup and I absolute HATE.....Bones cuz the break so fast.....so thats my opinion...now you can bitch at my saying how good your board is and yada yada.....


22 May 2004 01:18
i have not heard of any thing on that board....except the trucks...wich by the way suck...  

22 May 2004 04:29
hay cum on guys give me sum credit  

22 May 2004 18:01
its alright ..... but sorta no name stuff n i hate blank decks  

23 May 2004 05:04
Personally, I dont think it really matters what other people think about your set up. Everyone has there own preferences which are not your preferences, so asking is kind of pointless, because if its not exactly what they like, they'll tell you its crap. If you didnt like all of it, you wouldn't have bought it.

Two questions-
1) is it durable?
2) easy to skate?

If so, than your set up is fine.  

23 May 2004 06:55
nolaquen said
Two questions-
1) is it durable?
2) easy to skate?


yes too both questions the only problem is the nuts get loose after bout a month but that is know fixed thanx to me mate  

23 May 2004 17:46
Hey, fracture r rute1 rnt they? That's wy the yanks havent herd of them....  

25 May 2004 18:53
u can get them from route1 but i got mine from a shop in lee on solent  

25 May 2004 19:51

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