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what tricks can u guys land and dont bullshit to much plz  

23 May 2004 11:37
u should of said no bullshit at all

my landed tricks are as follows

fakie ollie
fakie shuvit
fakie shuv it 360
swizz ollie
180 360 bs and fs
rock to fakie
rock and roll
kickflip double kickflip
nollie heelflip
just learnt to blunt to fakie
blunt to rock to fakie
pop shuv it
360 pop shuv it
no comply
casper (learnt today :) :) )
50 50
5.0 grind
bs and fs boardslide
nollie shuv it almost nollie 360 shuv it
ms flip
manuel and nosemanuel
nose and tail slide
probaly loads more but my arm and brain are hurting  

23 May 2004 17:55
i can do:ollie
pop shuvit

23 May 2004 22:39
i can do:ollie
pop shuvit
nose grab.....thats it....but im workin ona kick flip....  

23 May 2004 22:40
How come your sig says "if u dont hear metal grindin then u r a poser and u r definately doin sumthing wrong...." But you didnt list any grind tricks?

To be honest i think its better to prove what you can do than to say what you can. :P  

24 May 2004 04:48
yeh good question  

24 May 2004 05:38
oh yeah i 4got [color=darkblue][size=7]360 flip[/size][/color]  

24 May 2004 09:57
Wot a boring thread..... i cud go on for pages!!!!! j/k, in actual fact it wud last all of two, maybe 3 lines.....  

25 May 2004 18:49
Yeah my list goes on and on as the day does.....my good tricks are

fs flip
bs flip
switch flip,heel,fs 18o heel,fs flip etc.
nollie flips,heels,180 heels,180 flips
360 flips
kicky bs 50-50
bs tailslide
kicky bs tail
bs nosegrind 180 out
manual kickflip out
kickflip manual
nose manual shoove it out
kickflip boardslide

and i could go on....and if you don't belive me watch my videos some of them are in my old videos and some will be in my other video.....

ps : all the grind tricks and manual are at least on a box a foot high....  

26 May 2004 04:57
this page  

07 Jun 2004 17:50
i can do the following:
ollie 4 decks stacked in primo and ollie a 5 set (maybe 6 or even 7)
kickflip a 3 set and over 1 deck in primo
varial flip
nollie shuv and 360 shuv
pop shuvit
fs180 a 4 set
bs180 a kerb maybe lol
fs and bs half cab
half cab flip
bs board
fs board sometimes
fakie 50/50 and fakie 5/0
switch: ollie a 2 set, heelflip, shuvit


rock fakie
rock and roll
fakie rocks
360 rocks (half cab to rock then rock and roll out)
tail stall
nose stall
axel stall
nearly 5/0 but only on small minis
smith lockup
ollie to fakie
flip to fakie
switch: ollie to fakie, switch rock and roll and switch rock fakie

well i prob missed loads but i dont particually remeber every trick i do

oh yeah and 'skateboarder' u maybe tellin the truth but most forums i been in before people who lie about what they can do post similar tricks to what you hav posted. I only know a very select few that can do a nollie heelfip and they are very hard. somehow i dont really believe you can do all that stuff. soz.  

07 Jun 2004 18:07
look dude u are from england and so am i i'll come up there and show u when i can drive  

07 Jun 2004 21:20
You don't have to prove anything to him man.

For goodness sake he has an atvar with Micheal Jackson with boobs so he can jack off.... :roll:  

08 Jun 2004 04:23
lol....yeah by the way I saw your signiture (however the heel you spell it) and they lost!!!!!!1 :cry: shit!  

08 Jun 2004 06:21
We will win against them americans!!!  

08 Jun 2004 06:59
yeah but not this year (in the stanley cup)  

08 Jun 2004 07:01
isnt there 1 game left.

By the way Hockey is Canada's sport and making porn sites is America's sport. :) So we should be winning!!  

08 Jun 2004 07:04
where I live No they had the 7th game tonight.....and bloody lost......damn.....I going to go hang my self know......nice knowing all of you....  

08 Jun 2004 07:07

By the way Im I blocked on your msn or are you not on that much..  

08 Jun 2004 07:08
no not really.....I usally come on this time.....or when I come on I don't bother going to msn I just check my e-mail.....  

08 Jun 2004 07:11
Ok cool..  

08 Jun 2004 07:17
no y0ten i have better things to jack off over than that thanks. Im sure you can do that stuff, i was just saying that nollie heels are very hard to do. U must be very good on a a board then. I dont want to piss everyone off as ive only been here a couple of days so i will just try to blend it now if thats ok. Soz if ive angered anyone.

p.s anyone wanna post how to do noz heels? i can flip em but i can never get my back (well back if im skating normally) foot back in.  

08 Jun 2004 11:26
believe it or not its all about jumping high as u can see i may seen sicastic but its true  

08 Jun 2004 11:32
yeh thats y i were air jordans  

08 Jun 2004 11:45
uh thats why i wear adio the kenny anderson....  

09 Jun 2004 20:23
yeh i actully were dcs but i felt like writing that  

11 Jun 2004 03:52
i like err force 1's get me to pere i need to pere .lol  

11 Jun 2004 03:55

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