NE 1 HAD THERE SKATEBOARD ........................

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has ne 1 here had there sk8bord crushed by a vehical eg bus coach train so on

i have it fuckin pisses me of  

26 May 2004 13:19
hahah nah my friend has n i was pissen my self laughing but it wasnt really funny  

26 May 2004 13:27
so what was it a bus or wot  

26 May 2004 13:28
nah just a car  

26 May 2004 13:29
was it a good deck and did the trucks snap  

26 May 2004 13:31
no but almost that would really piss me off cuz they wouldn't even stop if they broke it....they don't care.....  

27 May 2004 02:11
yeh it was only about 3 weeks old the trucks didnt snap  

27 May 2004 08:41
Im never that close to cars and shit like that. I spend most of my time in the skateparks. :)  

27 May 2004 09:06
[quote=punksk8ter22]yeh it was only about 3 weeks old the trucks didnt snap[/quote]

ohhh thats does suck  

28 May 2004 00:58
lol when i first started skating my board got ran over the second day i had it XD it wasnt like a pro board or anything though so i guess it wasnt so bad (kewday (australian brand)) the guy drove off really fast when he realised what happend....then he came back cause it scratched his car...the same thing happend to my friend ^_^ moral of the story...dont bomb hills with corners at the end of them  

12 Mar 2006 14:57
one time i was skating past this street and i went up the sidewalk and i hit something and kicked my board back onto the road and some car just snapped it right in half, wut pisses me off was that the car had time to stop but didnt even try to.  

12 Mar 2006 18:42
i fell back on my skateboard and kick my board right to the bottom on a car and it snapped the half the noswe backwards.

i cant find a pic but i could still skate it  

13 Mar 2006 16:32
i was sk8ing up this crumbly road when it happened then i saw a bus and thought ill pick up my skateboard and as i went to pick it up it fell into the road lol... i thought about gettin it but then i might of died lol  

13 Mar 2006 22:01
haha was sk8in in my driveway and my dad ran my board over with a 2 ton van i was with my frend . we almost died laughing. the board sucked so it didnt reely matter  

25 Mar 2006 05:10

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