Damn Rocks.

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I bet every skater wan'ts to blow the crap out of anything when your going really fast in a skatepark then your going up a ramp then down and half way a rock is sticking out and BAM. You slam your body down.

I skate on non-wooden parks so rocks are there a lot.  

27 May 2004 09:09
The coarts are crazy... I couldn't tell you all the stuff that that stuff is built with... we'd be here all day. But then again, the coarts isn't really a skatepark... its to small for that. But its out in the middle of the woods, so we get sticks and rocks. God knows I've hit stuff at the coarts... But I still like it there. It's the only place we've got. I imagine I'll spend most of the summer there, either skating, or on my boyfriends arm, drinking smirnoff, and watching other people skate.

But I do understand your frustration...  

27 May 2004 11:49
omg i thought the courts was a court room not s skating area ..........................................dur :oops:  

27 May 2004 12:23
if i become govornor i am gonna ban rocks from every were its gonna be illagal to own a rock  

27 May 2004 14:00
You got my vote. ;)  

27 May 2004 19:07
me 2 lol  

27 May 2004 19:13
me 3  

27 May 2004 20:28
sure i guess...it sucks when thery're just little pebbles too,eh?then you gotta look for it to see what you triped on...ahhh i hate it.  

28 May 2004 00:52
lol :roll:  

28 May 2004 06:50
exactly! :)  

30 May 2004 05:35
goddamit i h8 rocks  

30 May 2004 10:47
Rocks? I Hate Rocks. Rocks make me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a rubber room. I liked it there. I died there. They burried me under a pile of rocks. Rocks? I Hate Rocks. Rocks make me crazy. Crazy? I was crazy once ...........................................................  

30 May 2004 21:13
yes yes indeed YOU ARE crazy.........in a good way don't worry!  

01 Jun 2004 04:38
how can u be crazy in a good way????????  

01 Jun 2004 10:00
Well in her case its possible. ;)  

01 Jun 2004 21:54
[quote=punksk8ter22]how can u be crazy in a good way????????[/quote]

I just trying to be nice....not trying to pick a fight or anything....  

02 Jun 2004 07:28
oh ok  

02 Jun 2004 09:35
yes exactly this world has just way to much hate in it and I'm like 60% of it so I'm trying to cut down  

03 Jun 2004 02:38

03 Jun 2004 08:53
FutureFounder of SiCk Ind
me 3 but can ya ban manholes in the middle of the street
im a longboarder.  

06 Jul 2004 09:14
sup newbie lol thats all i have to say on this thread  

06 Jul 2004 12:02
= I personally dont have many problems with pebbles etc but thats probaly cause ive got really trippy wheels...theire bouncy and miraculously most of the pebbles i run over shoot out from underneath then but dont trip me over = P arnt I gifted?  

10 Nov 2005 14:25
i always get stuck on them and it gets me very angry.

you wouldnt like me when im angry...  

11 Nov 2005 18:20

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