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i am a sponsered skateboarder now i get decks, trucks and all that for free and i get to travel once my fuking leg is betta :D :D :D :D  

27 May 2004 13:30
by who???? haha now u have to send me a deck  

27 May 2004 13:54
its a lil shop in leeonsolent called exshop its call and i might send u a nice new fracture if your nice to nolaquen from now on that goes for everybody  

27 May 2004 15:01
Pretty cool man. 8)  

27 May 2004 19:19
dude i want one.....pleez  

27 May 2004 20:34
I would say I wanted one, except that I could probably buy a whole new set up with the amount of money it would cost to ship it over here, lol. Well actually, probably not, but still... it would cost a lot.  

27 May 2004 22:32
actually it would not be that exspencive nolaqueen....  

27 May 2004 23:48
Blah.....who the heck would sponsor you?I mean what tricks did you do to get sponsored?And what the hells a fracture?  

28 May 2004 00:34
fracture is a skateboard make you dumbass

and nols i wood get the shippin for free as my da works in customs  

28 May 2004 09:25
yeh what tricks did u land?? im not beein mean im jus interested  

29 May 2004 05:42
dude send me 1....pleez  

29 May 2004 19:14
[quote=skateboarder]fracture is a skateboard make you dumbass

and nols i wood get the shippin for free as my da works in customs[/quote]

really.....?never heard of it.....  

30 May 2004 05:21
Alright... after reading TONS of different threads and posts and such, I've noticed something. Whenever someone mentions a product that no ones heard off, they attomatically assume it sucks. I mean, I understand why... usually good things are well known, but that doesnt doom everything else to suck, does it? I just felt like posting about my little observation, mainly because I'm boared out of my mind. Hmmm... I'm actually procrastinating cleaning my room, so what better to do than pick out consistencies.  

30 May 2004 06:06
i have over 100 posts now woohooo kick ass  

30 May 2004 07:45
wow... I'm almost there!  

30 May 2004 21:18
Oh Nolaquen The person you are saying says that if they hear of something they never heard of.....you know....Thats me so just direct it too me when you saying it cuz I don't think anyone else has ever done that before.....  

01 Jun 2004 04:37

01 Jun 2004 10:02
what was that all about?  

02 Jun 2004 07:34
nolaquen y dont u jus write who u think is the best on this site


02 Jun 2004 10:54
:P u mite be da best but im the best skater here nah jk im alright but skateboarder and sk8ter bnm kick my arse  

02 Jun 2004 11:37
u ment to say skateboarder kicks my ass skr_bnbnm wot eva the hell his name iz is crap i bet he cant even 360 flip or double kickflip lol

ps cool i made the 200 post mark  

02 Jun 2004 12:16
up yours skateboarder (what kind of name is that?) I can land a 360 flip everytime and I can do double kickflips too except I don't want to cuz I not all over rodney and his tricks......watch my videos and you will see I could roll you up and Smoke you...
[url]www.zed.cbc.ca[/url] under sk8r_bnmn  

03 Jun 2004 02:18
have u seen rodney mullen in the plan b questionable vid hes so insane he does like 720 flips like fuck  

03 Jun 2004 09:05
nope havent seen it.....but I have seen him do one before...yes , they are insane  

03 Jun 2004 20:14

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