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hey im doin a survey for school..... what do u guys do in ure free time?? ie: skate, instroment, sport, write or watever jus to start it off i play lacrosse and drums  

27 May 2004 14:05
k i skateboard alot go on the internet play the guitar (jus started)

ummmm oh yeah i also go to the gym alot and i work at a local sk8shop  

27 May 2004 15:04
i play drums,skate and surf the internet...like im doin now....lol  

27 May 2004 20:30
I skateboard,listen to music,edit videos,download shit and check out extremebros forums, eh?  

28 May 2004 00:51
Ummm... skating obviously. And then I don't really have a real activity that I'm all into. I've played drums, guitar, trumpet, and piano, but nothing ever really stuck. I don't play anything anymore; I finally realized I'm just not musically inclined. And then I've had ballet, jazz, and tap lessons... I quit doing that too though. I decided it wasn't for me the time we dressed up in suits and did a routine to Michael Jacksons Smooth Criminal.

Ummm... I'm trying to think of things I actually still do. I'm on the math team (nerd :oops: ). Pretty much all I do now is house improvement- taking care of the pool, laying wood floor, hanging wall paper, laying tile, painting, replacing shingles on the roof, etc... Oh, and I do laundry for six people...

OH YEAH... and I take art lessons in pottery, painting, and some other stuff like glass fusion. Whatever the Bay Center of the Arts happens to be teaching...  

28 May 2004 01:07
i skate, listen to music (music's great) im gonna take up drumming as soon as i can get a job and make some money. watch tv. play games you know, the usual.

man i cant wait to get a drumset.  

28 May 2004 06:26
yea if i played anything I'd play drums they're so kick ass  

30 May 2004 05:36
Well... I just got a spot as either the drummer, or bass guitar player in my boyfriends band (they havn't decided which place they want me in yet), for the sole reason that they currently kinda look like a Nirvana knock-off, so they want to add me in to squash any talk about that. Colin (my bf) is actually supposed to play the bass because he's also lead vocalist (which is totally whack, all hes good for is screaming). If anything, I'll be writing lyrics, because I've seen some of the stuff they've been doing, and they need HELP. I think Mathew recently wrote one about dead dragonflies, if thats any indication...

I'm also pending as a member of Christina and Susans band, and then Colin is sort of starting this other thing with a totally different group of guys that I might get in on. Who thinks I can handle three bands? LOL... a better question is, how much you want to bet none of these bands will actually make it to REALLY being a REAL band. lol  

30 May 2004 06:24
dead dragon flies...... that guy shouldnt have quit his day job  

30 May 2004 07:43
Hes only thirteen years old... give him a break. But that is pretty bad, I must admit.  

30 May 2004 21:09
hey im 13 too and err i dunno still dead dragon flies  

01 Jun 2004 13:16

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