Right board, right wave.

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[b]What board do you ride the most (specifically), and how do you rate it?[/b]

The board I ride the most right now is a 6'2" X 18.5" 2.28" Rounded Square Tri-Fin, it's got slight single concave with vee in the tail. I like the board, it turns fast, but isn't a good board if your into surfing stomach high or less. It can hold in surf as big as 10 ft, any bigger than that, and I go over to my 6'8 X 18.5" 2.28" Pintail and that thing can rip in bigger surf.  

02 Jan 2003 00:32
[b]This is my longboard.[/b]

There are many like it, but this one is mine. My longboard is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. My longboard, without me, is useless. Without my board, I am useless. I must ride my board true. I must drop in on a kook who is trying to drop in on me. I will...So be it! Until there is no enemy but peace!

oops! sorry, too much 'Full Metal Jacket' viewings! :oops: I have a 7'6" fish and a 7'4" hybrid, that i just dont have the same familiarity with as my longboard. But when the waves pick up a little, the fish has a double concave that's just built for speed on punchy beachbreak waves!  

02 Jan 2003 00:34
my own shape. 6'0" x 18.75 round pin 4 fin. great board. ive been riding 4 fins for 10 years cuz they r faster and looser than anything i have ever ridden in my 22 years of surfing.  

02 Jan 2003 00:37
Quad fins?? rode them 15 years ago. They were very much the thing here in jax bch fla for quite sometime. Very loose, fun in small to medium surf. I wouldn't attempt LARGE surf with it though. I almost drowned one year taking one out into a hurricane. Much too loose to take down a big wave.

My favorite board at the current time is a 6'6 jeff klugel thruster. I also have a thing for my old mans longboard. 10'0 bob white. Circa 1960's. too many to name with a special place in my heart!!  

02 Jan 2003 00:40
well i surf in jersey and i just brought a surf prescriptions fish n chip and its 6'2 and it rides perfect on teh waves... if u dont no the waves in jersey range from 3-8 feet sometimes bigger during storms but its the best board and its a blast the sized waves in NJ  

30 Dec 2003 19:56

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