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Hey does any one know any REAL good alcoholic beverages that would be worth drinking?

Nolaquen you should know of some.....

And yes I know almost all of us are prob. under age but I don't care.

oh and beer sucks!!! maybe something else along the lines of smiroff or mikes hard lemonade?


28 May 2004 01:16
Ever tried Margarita mix with Sprite? (or 7up, or maybe even mountain dew. Whatevers your favorite I guess) Thats pretty good if you don't mind mixing it yourself. Your going to need to put a little tequila in that if you want the alcohol, but its good without too. It tastes pretty much like the drink you started with with an extra tang at the end.

My dad does this^ with coke (or pepsi) which I think is disgusting. But then again, my dad will drink anything to get a buz. I think vodka might be ok with coke, never had it before. Usually, where soda is concerned, mixing things on two opposite ends of the color spectrum is not a good idea, as a general rule.

Tequila strait is ok too for some people. Its an aquired taste I think. Anyway, you need salt and lemon for that. Put the salt on your tongue, drink the tequila, and then bite the lemon. I suppose you COULD just drink it, but I cant imagine it without the salt and lemon.

Wine is good, if your not looking for hard liquor. Shampagne too. These are better for special accasions though, and I doubt thats what you had in mind.

Smirnoff is a personal favorite... Mikes hard lemonade is good too. Like you already said.

Beer is something that I do tolorate, but only when I want to get wasted. Never as a pleasure drink. It's actually not so horrable if you just throw your head back and chug them one can at a time.

Frozen drinks- Margaritas, Shirley Temple (this is actually not a frozen drink, but you can make it that way, and thats the way I like it), Strawberry Daiquiris...

White Russian, Black Russian, and Yellow Russian (all varitions) are good too. As long as the idea of milk and alcohol together doesnt repulse you.

Oh, there are SO many wonderful things to drink, and such a short time before my liver fails me. Oh the irony. Theres tons of other stuff that I've had at friends houses that I couldn't tell you what it was because I never actually saw the bottle, but its all good. Anything citrus-ish (lol, is that a word?) is usually worth drinking.

Being under-age, I usually take what I can get though, so you'll probably get better advise from some of the other people here. Drinking is something I definately like to do though, whenever I get the chance. I'll keep you posted if I run across anything worthy of recomending any time soon.  

28 May 2004 04:25
fuck me pleez can some 1 put this into shorter terms oh ok i'll read it jus 4 u nols  

28 May 2004 09:34
wot bout cocktails nol  

28 May 2004 09:36
Yeah, Forgot about that. As you probably saw, when someone brings up drinks, I have a mouthful to say, so some things slip my mind. Plus, if I had said EVERYTHING, there wouldn't be anything else for anyone else to suggest. lol  

28 May 2004 21:26
good luck with your drinkin'  

29 May 2004 05:35
dont try n skate when ure pissed it doesnt work  

29 May 2004 07:30
I know but isn't it hilarious?

But if you want to get wasted then try barcardi white ( I had like 8 shots and i was buzzing good.....the the bottle was empty cuz there was only a little left any way....
but anything 40% al. I'll drink staight cuz i hate dealing with all these bottles lying around and shit.....  

30 May 2004 05:31
lol... I went to school piss drunk one day, and I ran the bases at gym even though I didnt hit the ball. Of coarse I didnt know I had done that until a week later when Billie finally told me. Luckily, Coach Simmons was monitoring our game, and the only reason he volunteers at our school (hes not a REAL coach) is because he likes getting to perve after all the girls in there gym shorts, so he didnt really care.

A lot of the stuff I listed wont get you drunk too easy... I was just thinking of stuff I like to drink because it tastes good, not because I wanted to get wasted... you can get a nice buz from it though, which I like, because that doesnt mean I'll be praying to the porcelain gods the next day. I have a tendancy to have horrible hangovers...  

30 May 2004 06:31

30 May 2004 07:40
While we're on the subject, what kind of a drunk are you? I always find that kind of interesting. I know I'm a happy/stupid drunk, stumbling around and bursting out in bouts of unprovoked giggles. Thats probably the reason I like alcohol so much, lol.  

30 May 2004 21:24
I don't know last night I had 1 1/2 40 oz. and I was so lazy drunk I couldn't get up but when I did I went to town and went streaking!!!!!YEAH!!! :lol: I was right messed up....but I think I like buzzing better cuz then I'm all over the place as you were saying.....happy and stupid....but it's fun....  

01 Jun 2004 04:36
i bet no 1 here got as pissed as me on the 1999 new years eve i swere i was dead  

01 Jun 2004 18:06
sk8r_bnmn kidding? That was the craziest ever....wish i could repeat it....  

02 Jun 2004 07:29
maybe we can in the 2999  

02 Jun 2004 10:57
hahahaha thats so far away  

02 Jun 2004 11:33
well dur  

02 Jun 2004 12:17
lol...I'm up fo that!

If I die before then.....that would totally suck :cry: :lol:  

03 Jun 2004 02:13
lol...I'm up fo that!

If I die before then.....that would totally suck :cry: :lol:  

03 Jun 2004 02:14

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