Ill clear up the ollie for people here.

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Ok a lot of newbies always wana learn to ollie, now I'm gona make this topic to tell you how.

This is really only applying to goofy riders.

Heres your board:


Now here where your damn feet go. (At least how I do it.)


The right foot is in the middle with your toes hanging out the from just a bit.

Now your left foot is at your tail. I put my toes in the middle of the tail and use my tipi toes for the tail.

Now slam the tail untell you hear a tick aka the tail hit the ground.

Now move that damn foot up to the tail. Don't think about jumping, while you do the moveing of your foot to the nosie you kinda jump with it.

I hope this helps the newbies.

One more tip, bend those damn knees!!!!!  

28 May 2004 07:02
nice tip  

28 May 2004 09:11
ok now show us a 360 flip lol  

28 May 2004 09:30
Some time soon I will. Right now I wana go to the skatepark. :)

Gota help them newbies out.  

28 May 2004 11:25
what a nice bloke(i think its a bloke)  

28 May 2004 12:07
Thanks DR. YOten.....your the shit. :lol:  

30 May 2004 05:32

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