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hey i work for these people that use me when their is schoolbut now shcools out their son works for i staryted a new fund for me......anybody wanna donate a board or money??????keep in mind its for the  

31 May 2004 00:28
lol... sorry. I can't even get a job. I've been trying to get some baby-sitting gigs lately, but it hasn't been working out. You would think that people who put adds in the paper looking for sitters would be overjoyed that I called, but most people seem to be a bit weary of leaving their kids with me, for some reason....

As for REAL employment, you get a workers permit at 14, but its hella hard to get anyone to hire you unless your sixteen or seventeen (aorund here anyway). So um... I guess I'm looking for donations too!  

31 May 2004 00:41
lol :lol: it sux big time...  

31 May 2004 21:01
Your story touched me deeply I want to donate 11 boards and 1,500 $

yeah right that be the day  

01 Jun 2004 04:32
man i wish  

01 Jun 2004 05:05
yeh findin work is fuckin hard  

01 Jun 2004 09:57
Not really.. Some idoit across my street picks up dog crap for a living.  

01 Jun 2004 21:57
lol....thats just being desperate  

02 Jun 2004 07:27
fuck that is desperate  

02 Jun 2004 09:36
I cOULD find a job but I'm WAY too blah!  

03 Jun 2004 02:36
i no have a job i work in an italian reteruant washin dishes :( its pov but itll ghet me wat i need  

03 Jun 2004 08:55
lol....I just work at my dads shop for a bit and then he hooks me up with some cash and I buy yet another board....  

03 Jun 2004 20:16

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