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Just thought I'd ask others what their favorite thing about BMX is. Mine would have to be the feeling I get when I ride, it's unexplainable. Or that feeling when you finally land that trick you've been working on for hours. I also like to ride and see people in cars look at me do something and be like, "Wow." yes call me a show off if you want. I also like helping other kids with biking, thats another great feeling when you help others to become better.

So what about everyone else, what is you're favorite thing about BMXing?  

31 May 2004 04:39
i love just mastering new tricks, getting big air. and it feels great when people look at you in amazement as if your pro or something.

i love pretty much anything about riding its fun just cruising round with mates, going on trails. everything.  

31 May 2004 11:33
I [b]lovit [/b]when you are practicing that trick you've been working on, and you've tried to show [i]ppl[/i] or [i]ppl[/i] want to see it but u can never seem to get it right or land it just right, then the day comes where your just out there for the [u][b]freedom [/b][/u]and thrill of riding and for some reason you feel like giving the trick a shot, you dont try to hard you just [i]effortlessly [/i]do the trick and land it perfectly, but no one was there to see it you are all alone [i]un[/i]watched, yet you feel great that you accomplished what you set out to do without all the effort you try and put into it. That is a great feeling, i also love just getting out there trying your best it really isnt about how good the trick you did, its the fact you get out there and support what you do. I also lovit when ppl are watching you in [i]awe[/i], it is a great feeling when you know people actualy think what you are doing is great.

[u]If[/u] it can be [i]done[/i], I [b]CAN [/b]doit
[u]If[/u] it is [i]Do-able[/i], I [b]WILL[/b] doit
[u]If[/u] it's been [i]done[/i], I [b]HAVE [/b] Done it!  

03 Jun 2004 09:25

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