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Flashy wheels. That must be skating Cardinal sin #2 - immediately following knee peds over trousers. :x  

02 Jan 2003 14:06
What is skating Cardinal sin #3?
Wearing wristguards, Now that IS gay! If you cant live with roller stigmata, go home.  

02 Jan 2003 14:08
thinking there are right and wrong ways of skating.
more efficient, yes, but not right and wrong. thats like saying theres a right and wrong way of walking home, getting out of bed, having a shower, eating crisps, putting ketchup on chips....  

02 Jan 2003 14:13
Wow Brainy your pretty retarded "roller stigmata" is a bad thing a can leave long term effects so its a good idea to wear wrist gaurds, and their not "gay" do you define gay as- protecting you from snapping your wrist backwards and having you arm bones being shoved out of your body?  

21 Dec 2003 12:31
it hurts

trust me

it hurts  

21 Dec 2003 15:08
Good point they hurt and i havent even broken them yet i wear them now and again there is no harm in it  

22 Jan 2004 13:56
This is freaky. I post on one forum and they end up appearing on this one too. It's not polite to rip material from another forum just to pad out your own little upstart and make people think it's more popular than it is. I'm sure Naomi doesn't appreciate being quoted out of contect either. For the [url=]original thread[/url] take a look on [][/url]. It really does have lots of members.  

29 Jan 2004 08:33
No wristguards! I'm not a serious skater at all yet... I mean I just started and so far all I can really do is roll around without falling (lol... Actually I was a decent hand at ice skating, so maybe I wont have too much trouble). Anyway... I dont care what anybody says, I'm gunna wear em' cuz the most important thing in the world to me is my art and without that I have NO talent. So some of you might laugh, but I'm not taking any chances just to "look cool". Even if I had no artistic talent, I'd probably still wear them...  

02 Apr 2004 07:24
wearin wristgaurd isnt a nessesity, its just prefernce. i wore them when i started out cause it made me feel more confident, cause i knew if i fell it wasnt going to cause any big injurys (i also wore helmets and knee pads....hay ! stop laughin i was scared !) now that im a bit more expericent i dont wair them cause i know i wont fall. well i wont fall as much...
yeh snappin your wrist hurts but you can break your elbow and humuros (the bone above your elbow ) if you fall back and your wrist doesnt bend....its up to you really....  

03 Apr 2004 17:56
dude i wear knee what....  

14 Apr 2004 20:42

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