hey u lot have u..............

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have u seen ne good weird films like attack of the 50 foot slugs and a film called bad taste....

ps tell me some more gory films that are weird  

01 Jun 2004 18:00
Nooo I don't know any gory films that are wierd but SAVING PRIVATE RYAN was pretty cool.....some guy is trying to but his intestines back in.....I don't know whats gory to you but anyway that was a good movie  

02 Jun 2004 07:32
hahah shaving ryans privates is a shit movie  

02 Jun 2004 09:32
lol.....naah it was alright......not gory! but decent movie  

03 Jun 2004 02:44
yeh its alright but .......er suppose its aight  

03 Jun 2004 08:49
lol....exactly whatever you said,eh? :)

hey look this guy looks constipated :x :x :x :x :x hes shitting out bricks  

03 Jun 2004 20:20
lmao thats funy as :x :x :x :shock: then out comes the corn  

06 Jun 2004 12:33
then when the corn comes out he goes :cry: then :P  

07 Jun 2004 14:07

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