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ok i'm wanting to start skateboarding i've done like riding down a street but like 2 times so i want to buy a skateboard i like pig and baker decks but r they good ? and what do u think i should get ? and anything thats helpfull for a beginer thanks  

01 Jun 2004 20:24
don't get any of that expesive shit right now, The deck i got one i was a bigginer was a mini Logo and I suggest you do the same, There 30$ cheap for a deck or just go get a wal-mart brand and practice on that till you get better than get a real one.  

02 Jun 2004 04:05
First of all I wanna say Welcome here both of you.... :lol: :D

And to drummerchick14 if your pretty well off yeah sure get a pro deck right away cuz it's not like your going to break it anytime soon if your a beginner....go with baker before pig though......

But then again if you gots no money then just buy a cheaper deck like tower,mini-logo powell,pig etc. but don't buy a wal-mart board people are always going to be hatin on you......not me but theres people we got problems.....get a good cheap pro deck or something and you fine

Keep skating don't give up (even when it hurts) and you'll be fine

pm me if you got any further questions about anything.....  

02 Jun 2004 07:22
yeh what sk8er bnmnmmn said  

02 Jun 2004 09:40
thanks ya'll
anybody else ? 8) :lol:  

03 Jun 2004 08:11
no you know I think everybodys dying or dissapearing like skateboarder,boz,nolaquen e.t.c they all died.....or something  

03 Jun 2004 20:26
i have to dissagree.DONT GO WITH A WALMART BOARD....u get used to riding a flat board then when u get a better board it wont feel the same.....  

04 Jun 2004 01:27
in aus all the shitty decks have really heavey trucks so its hard to ollies  

05 Jun 2004 05:31

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