need help with a pop shove-it

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When i spin the board it spins in front of me and I can never land on it except one foot......any help guys....  

02 Jun 2004 04:20
what your prob isthat u r 2 scared to land it...thats the same prob that i had.but i faced my fears and so shud u....  

02 Jun 2004 06:47
yep thats it ure too scared ......not bein mean its jus a fact  

02 Jun 2004 09:42
...i know the subjects heaps old and the guy that started its probaly got pop shuvits and everying pretty dialed by now but just in case...I had the same problem try spinning the board faster hanging the toes of your front foot over the edge and not having your foot to far back (keep em about 2 inches from the bolts) and go slow as you do it...then once you can land that do it going faster or with your foot back a little more to get higher  

10 Nov 2005 14:21
i had that problem when i was trying heelflips. then i just jumped all the way up and got my legs out of the way and i do them now. alot.  

11 Nov 2005 18:21
Your to scared to to land it or when you spin it you don't jump above your board.  

18 Dec 2005 16:24
dude this thread is over a year old no one but bobe and me really come here  

18 Dec 2005 19:01
mmmm. june 2004 and only 5 posts....use your head, hes gone forever and ever  

20 Dec 2005 22:05

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