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Well i have been bmxing for a while, i am not too good, i was wonern if i coudl get soem help. What is the first tricks you should be working on to start flatland? i also do the park and freestyle but i would liek to know. I can bunny hop easily, pogo good, barspins, tailwhip can't always land it, whiplash(cant always land it), backwards steamroller (working on it) Working on fire hydrant, , endos, can can endo, 180 endo, Barhop(although im not as good at it as i usto be i cant jump back over always) working on rockwalk im not bad with it, i can do a 180 spin, sort of manual not good yet, barspin pogo's, x-up pogo's, i can bunny hop onto a high grind bar and off, pogo stalls (wen mi breaks are working good :evil: ), i need some tips on scuffing, maybe some balance practices i dont know, i just need to improve over all. I need to know what tricks i should be practicing more or wat things i should be to get better, also maybe some tips on tricks. I could use maybe a little more tricks i dont know alot of ones that i could do :P hehe, well i hope someone can help me!! Thnx  

03 Jun 2004 03:03
Well I've found from my experiences that learning how to get good, long manuals down is a great way to get adjusted to your bike and it helps your balance for many tricks.  

03 Jun 2004 05:32
anyone lol i need some more info!! :):)  

04 Jun 2004 07:12
do u think you cood make that pic smaller dude it takes a year for it to fully load  

05 Jun 2004 20:41
unless you have cable......or dsl........  

08 Jun 2004 07:15
Anyone feel like helpn me out and not talkn about mi pic lol :P :P :P  

08 Jun 2004 07:20

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