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I suppose i should say im new to this forum, well there it is ive said it, now you all immediately think i cant ollie and will be interupting other peoples posts saying 'HELP HOW DO I OLLIE' and shit well your lucky this time. Im not new to skateboarding and although i could push around from about the age of 6. I only really started 'proper' skateboarding just under two years ago. im pretty good, although there are alot of people better and worse that have also been skating two years. I can ollie a 5 set, Flip (kickflip) a 3 set, 180 a 4 set. blah blah blah..........who gives a shit about what i can do (excepth those people out there who immediately judge people by what they can do) as long as skateboardings fun :cry:

well thats the lecture over 4 today. c ya around. craig  

03 Jun 2004 12:30
well then craig....I'll be the first to say Welcome and could you teach me to ollie?Naaahh I'm just kidding.....maybe a kickflip bs noseblunt would help....  

03 Jun 2004 20:09

04 Jun 2004 03:28
The kickflip BS Noseblunt:

well first you approach the obstacle, pop a nice flip but try to make it so you can tweak it over to the nose side. when you see the flip coming to a full roatation uderneath your front foot, stab at it and push left to 180 round onto the obstacle, at this point you [u]should[/u] be locked on. Immediately postion yourself in your mind how you are gonna get out. Do it, Then roll away. happy as a fart..............
............probably makes no sense but i just thought of how ive seen pro's do em. lol

[quote]woo-sah-bee[/quote] not too certain what that means anyone wanna explain??

oh yeah thanks for the welcome sk8r_bnmn  

04 Jun 2004 10:42
yeh wtf does that mean  

05 Jun 2004 05:27
Think about it, and say it fast

Oh, nevermind, you're from different parts of the world.

It's supposed to sound like "Wasabi" which is actually a spicy japanese food, or something like that. I wouldnt know. I just know its japanese and that its green and looks funny. IF anyone knows, please correct me.

Anyways, some kid thought it sounded like what's up? Which in that case, the kid must've been smoking something. So i just kind of sounded it out and it ended up looking like "Woo-sah-bee"  

05 Jun 2004 05:29
i forgot wot to write  

06 Jun 2004 12:32
oh ok. fair enough. never heard of it in england tho....  

07 Jun 2004 17:43
england rules  

07 Jun 2004 17:44
some things do like fish and chips and sunday dinners etc but somethings dont like townies and the weather etc.  

07 Jun 2004 17:57
spose they cancell each other out the weather is gr8 down here in portsmouth  

07 Jun 2004 17:58
it's wha sha bee and it's nasty green stuff u stick on your sushi
fish & chips r better ! :lol:  

07 Jun 2004 18:12
you said it.....  

08 Jun 2004 06:30

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