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well currently ive been skateboarding for near enough 2 years, but ive been riding suspension bikes for ages. Ive always wanted to get into bmx but until recently my mum said it was too dangerous (shit reason i know but its true) after ive done my gcse's (next few weeks) my mum agreed to buy me a BMX. this is where i hope you lot come in handy. Im entirely new to BMXing tho i have watched roadfools and played on some of the video games etc. my mum is gonna spend up to 200 quid on a bike and ive been looking around and ive found these 2 on


the ones im looking at are called:


these are probably shit even though they look pretty good, but can anyone suggest some bikes that would suit me. (id mainly be doing street, like jumping stairs etc. but i would like to be able to go in parks and do a bit of dirt jumping as well) Im 15, well 16 next month and live in england so dont go posting any american sites containing $200 or anything.
thanks in advance

03 Jun 2004 13:06
Buying from the US will most likely save you tons of money.
If you are around 5'6", the Fit complete bike is pretty nice, however it has crappy 1-piece cranks.

I guess Fly Bikes makes decent complete bikes (if they still do), I have a Pantera frame and it is outstanding. They are European, so it might not cost too much.

I'd stay away from Huffy.

200 pounds is around $350, so if you did order from the US (shipping might be a bit, but probably worth it), the Volume Black Sheep is very nice. It has pretty good parts and a 20.5 inch top tube.  

04 Jun 2004 05:06
nah im gonna stick to the UK. im 5 11" by the way so that wont be any good. does anyone know any bikes in the UK that would suit a guy whos 5 11" amd suits my needs that i posted above?? thanks if anyone does  

04 Jun 2004 10:32
HEy im six foot and starting off to and is there any good bike for about that hieght  

25 Aug 2005 02:55
Skratch Kid
Yo, I'm 6'2", and i just got a new Fuse 3, pretty expensive, but i've heard its worth it. took it off a massive ramp the other day, bunny hopped some trash cans on their sides, and almost landed a bar spin off a 6 foot drop, so if you have 350 bucks, thats a solid bike for begginers, it can handle pretty good crashes so i've heard  

25 Aug 2005 09:36
what about the fuse 11 or 1 they are a bit cheaper are they near as good  

26 Aug 2005 01:46
Skratch Kid
Fuse 1 is way to small for someone over 6 feet. don't know anything about fuse 11  

26 Aug 2005 06:33
[QUOTE=Skratch Kid]Fuse 1 is way to small for someone over 6 feet. don't know anything about fuse 11[/QUOTE]

hey man no offence or anything but...if youve only owned one bmx bike and have only had it for a few weeks you probably shouldnt give kids advice on what bike they should buy. specialized's new line of complete bikes are very poorly made, they dont come with as good of parts that you could get from other bike companys that are bmx specific. ive had a specialized before and it started breaking a couple months after i bought it. though this was prolly 5 years ago. ive had many different bikes, ive ridden many different parts, ive ridden a lot of other peoples bikes, and ive also worked in a bike shop. so this goes out to everyone, if your really not experienced enough to be giving advice, dont do it. what happens if one of these kids reads your post goes out and spends all there money on a bike and is not happy with it(i know 5 years ago i wasnt happy with my specialized at all). and this goes for giving advice on tricks too, if you personally can not do the trick your advice is of no use, someone is going to end up getting really hurt from this forum. and oh yeah lets stop with the white lies. if you cant ride good so what, everyone has to start somewhere wether your 10 or 30 it doesnt matter someone will always show you up or you will show someone else up. wow this was fuckin long. im done peace.  

30 Aug 2005 02:59

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