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What would the best way to do this trick. I have the rotation and can land wake to wake. But, when I do, my shoulders have not rotated enough and the boat pulls me off to where I have to let go of the rope or eat......

I am trying to land it wrapped with the handle in my left hand behind my back. I am regular foot and am attempting heelside.

Is it easier to pass the handle or land wrapped? Any suggestions on how to make the body in position with my feet? Am I supposed to pull the handle to a certain hip like on a HS 3? Or, just turn my feet and put the hand at the small of my back.

Any tips would help.
Thanks :D  

02 Jan 2003 14:17
Easier to pass the handle when you are learning them, do a clean handle pass across the small of your back just like a 3. The handle pass usually comes easy since its a backside spin but be ready for the line tension to catch up real quick. I wouldn't pass it too late or land wrapped until you get comfortable with the landing, its too easy to get yanked over by the line. Landing wrapped or passing it late are good methods once you get comfortable and are good for when you want to fit a grab in.  

02 Jan 2003 14:18
if you want to land wrapped, just do a w2w jump as you start descending turn the handle down and to your back (tightly) Look directly at the wake your landing on, but way behind the boat. then pass the handle or tick tock back the way you came.

- or -

you can pass the handle in the air, you still wanna land looking back behind the boat, it's really easy to overotate so keep your shoulders from opening up to much keep them at more than 90 degrees to the boat.  

02 Jan 2003 14:19
This works for me when landing wrapped. I pull the handle real hard to me front hip real late to get the rotation fast and get some slack in th rope. After that I land leaning away from the boat looking back. Its a lot easier to land it if there is a little slack in the rope. At least this works for me.  

02 Jan 2003 14:21
I feel the trick to the backside 180 is when it feels like you are going to eat sh*t, dont let go of the handle..just lower your shoulders, and get your head up looking at the shoreline. It really just turns into a confidence trick. You can do it man. My theory: You will fall 100% of time if ytou let go of the handle. good luck with it!  

02 Jan 2003 14:22
Thats a good call JJ. Another theory- you will fall HARD everytime your front edge digs in (heel edge in this case). Exaggerate the landing by coming down a little toe-heavy, keep the line tight, and lean into the flats to help you ride away clean.  

02 Jan 2003 14:23
I'm trying Wrapped 3's at the moment, rotation is all good but I always seem to land low and get pulled forward by the boat how can I stop this from happening?  

02 Jan 2003 14:27
maybe try to make your initial pull a little harder and lead the spin with your head. This should create a little slack in the line while landing so you can get yourself under control and then pass the hande after landing.  

02 Jan 2003 14:28
Let your head and shoulders rotate with your hips, if you just spin the board you will land on your heels and skip out and pull your shoulder off.  

02 Jan 2003 14:28
backside 180s are simple. its just hard to land. i used to always over rotate back when i was learning them, so the thing to do it is to not turn your head back to the boat when ur landing, but to keep looking across at the shore, becuase if u turn ur head ur board will follow and you will over rotate. learn these and blind 3's will be pretty easy, they are all technique. make sure you stand tall at the wake at wait for the pop , u want to go more up than far when learning them, becuase i took of the worst falls i ever took on a wakeboard the first time i tried a blind 3, i edged all the way through the wake and under rotated and smashed my knee on my face and jaw. it was swollen for like a week and i couldnt eat for a day. :evil:  

02 Jan 2003 14:29
i learnd it wrappd in the flats first..then i just did it one wake then eventually wake to wake umm my adivce is keep your arm close to your body wichever way you try..i think wrappd is easier for me but oh well...cheers  

28 Jul 2006 22:10

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