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hey, i need some tips on my kickflips, for some reason my backfoot always comes off and my front foot stays on, and i always put my weight on my front foot and i cant stop.. so i always turn and when i do a kickflip the board goes out of my reach. can someone teach me how to do a kickflip? tell me what to do.  

03 Jun 2004 21:18
welcome here....and sorry I too lazy to tell you how but somwhere in this rubble I'm sure theres some posts on how to do a kickflip or some tips......anybody?  

08 Jun 2004 06:54
Yea man if you wanna land a kickflip you gotta stay on top your board. Keep your back foot on the tail and the ball of your front foot right around the middle but closer to the edge. All you have to do is ollie but instead of stopping your foot keep sliding it and your deck will do the rest. You hafta have patience this trick takes a while to learn but its essential if you wanna be a good skater.

Peace Out Bro. Good Luck With Your Skating.  

24 Jul 2004 00:20

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