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check my site and then go to the krew pics....then tell billy if im big...  

04 Jun 2004 01:18
not bad site im assumin its just started our site has been going a year in july the 11th it started 11th july 2003

go to [url][/url]  

05 Jun 2004 20:20
whats that trick u r doin on your home page?how do u doit?do u ollie?it looked like u was doin a shuv it....  

06 Jun 2004 06:11
Me and my friend actually took pics and made a skate vid... for fun. But we were actually to tired to actually try to do tricks. I was dropped off at the wrong place, so i had to walk like 2 miles, to get back home... it sucked balls. But anyways it's more of like Bloopers you'd see at the end of a skate vid... cuz of how much we kept falling and shit. But we actually were able to land some stuff. Some pictures were good, and showed the flip and spin of the boards. And some were just of us falling down. iT's FKkn HIlarious. Sucks cuz the pictures are at his house... hopefully i can get some up too.  

07 Jun 2004 03:38
cool...wen u get um,join my forum.....  

07 Jun 2004 05:08
alright I belive you know.....anyways I signed up to the forums...  

08 Jun 2004 06:45
yeah thanx alot....  

08 Jun 2004 06:46
well i got nothing with it I just saying a belive cuz I need to see to belive (its just me) but hey for sure get you nepew into skaing when hes that age and he'll kick a$$ when he like 10  

08 Jun 2004 06:48
yeah he is cute aint he...hahaha  

08 Jun 2004 06:55
yeah...I wish my parents would have gottin my into skating at that age...  

08 Jun 2004 06:56
yeah he will stand on it and let me push him across the floor and he dont fall....  

08 Jun 2004 06:58
cool....and how old is he?  

08 Jun 2004 07:00
20 months  

08 Jun 2004 07:03
oh come on man your going to make me count?k....thats a year and .....and......hold must get my calculater....k.....1 year and 8 months  

08 Jun 2004 07:05
[b]WOW[/b] you can count......  

08 Jun 2004 07:08
just have to make it so hard on me.....  

08 Jun 2004 07:12

08 Jun 2004 07:17
i tried to post some pics here put it took 4ever so i gave up  

08 Jun 2004 12:14
This place is always rockin when im not on.  

09 Jun 2004 03:37
yep your right dude...  

09 Jun 2004 03:44
yep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yepyep yep yep sorry i jus got really bored  

09 Jun 2004 09:17
i know that feeling....  

09 Jun 2004 20:06
this site is getting boring I think I'm just about done here......  

10 Jun 2004 04:45
well then dedicate your time on my site.....  

10 Jun 2004 05:00
yeh this site is so slow  

12 Jun 2004 01:59
yeah i noticed that....but it is still cool...  

14 Jun 2004 04:19
Awwww! I've been away for a while and finally looked at these pics... your nephew is so adorable. I want to have kids someday... no girls though. I'd always remember all the things I did, and having a girl who could end up doing the same stuff scares me to death...  

20 Jun 2004 10:06
yeah i use him to meet girls 8) 8) 8)  

21 Jun 2004 02:02
heh... I bet it works :D  

13 Jul 2004 21:36
1 time it didn't...they called him a brat so i called her a B*TCH...hahaha  

13 Jul 2004 23:27

17 Jul 2004 06:13

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