izn't it annoying when.....

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izn't it annoying when you do a really good trick and no one iz watchin  

07 Jun 2004 14:23
1nce i landed a 2oo metre manuel and no fucker was there i also did that triple kickflip and no 1 sore it. argggggggggggggggggggggggh  

07 Jun 2004 14:25
thats why I carry my cam with me evrywhere  

08 Jun 2004 06:38
man that is why i skate when my bros.got the cam....hahaha  

08 Jun 2004 06:41
anyone filming is alright with me as long as they're decent...  

08 Jun 2004 06:43
Yea lol... Would be weird when your about to do a kick flip 360 and some gay camera man goes up to you a trying to bumb you... :roll:  

08 Jun 2004 07:19
yeh i did a backflip but no one sore.......... jk (obviosly)  

08 Jun 2004 11:48
doesnt happen so much now but when i was learning to kickflip moving, i was with my mates and i did a real perfect movin flip that id be proud of now and nobody saw it and nobody believed it, it was a fluke tho cos it took me another few weeks to get them properly. It sucks  

08 Jun 2004 18:01
i really hate it when u do something and nobody saw then they look and u cant really do it anymore they tun around and then u do it  

16 Jul 2004 05:46
Damn I know, I hate that shit...it's hella annoying. Happens all the time too.  

16 Jul 2004 10:05
yeh its so gay  

16 Jul 2004 14:45
always take spare batteries with u  

16 Jul 2004 14:49
once we were filming this madd shit and my camera cut out and i almost threw it a the ground i was so pissed  

16 Jul 2004 14:51
dude that sucks ass  

16 Jul 2004 17:17
wot were u filming punksk8er  

16 Jul 2004 20:58

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