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I'm new to BMX biking and I well.....SUCK. I was wondering if you guys had any tips on bunnyhopping because I can't even get my front wheel high enough, plus I don't get how to get my backwheel off the ground.  

03 Jan 2003 02:45
well bunnyhopping is probably one of the most frequently asked how to's, it's an easy concept, but kinda hard to explain exactly how to learn them and it always different for every person. but ill try and explain it as best I can.....

begin by riding at a medium pace, bend down a little so you are kind of hunched over the bars a little and your arms are bent. Now bring your body up fast, but dont pull up on the bike, just let your arms straighten out. As soon as your arms are straight, now pull them and the bars up close to your chest, with the momentum of your body and you pulling your arms up, you should be able to get the front of the bike up pretty high. And once you learn to get the rear up and combine everything youll be able to get it up even higher.

Now the back of the bike.... As soon as you get the bars up near your chest and the front of the bike is close to as high as its gonna go, push your arms back out, but instead of putting them straight back down, push them out in front of you, at the same time, pull you legs up, doing all this at the right time will (hopefully) get the rear end of the bike up. REMEMBER!! All of this must be done in a relatively short period of time.

Ok this isnt technically a "Bunnyhop" yet because you didnt bring both tires up at the same time, but you need to learn this before you try getting them both up at the same time. Its basically the same concept, but in and even shorter period of time.

TRY THIS!! - If your still having triouble, try bunnyhopping OVER something I.E. - A backpack, a cup, ect... Ive found that I have more trouble just bunnyhoping off flat ground than if I try gettig over something. I can usually get a lot higher.

I hope this helps :wink:  

03 Jan 2003 02:49
Hey guys well i am new to BMXing also but i bike like a maniac almost 8 hours a day normally i love it and well i couldnt bunnyhop for about a week and a half because i had trouble getting the back up... i researched the internet and friends and found the solution. to get your back up you have to like... i dont know how to say this... ummm like instead of having your feet straight and parrallell to the ground push your feet tips towards the ground and push in a backwards motion and up at the same time. do you know what i mean? and after i got this it was all a piece of cake. i have been biking for 4 weeks and i can bunnyhop two decks for everyone that skateboards or used to.  

03 Jan 2003 02:50
another helpful hint,, is learn how to get the rear wheel off the ground while the bike is in motion.... like doing a small endo with out brakes,,, and since everyone should know how to lift their front wheel off the ground,, try combining the 2 together,, and you will have it,, when i was growing up,, that along with the wheelie was the thing tto learn and learn it fast,, because everyone else was doing it... trying to see who could wheelie the furthest and bunny hop the highest....

just my .02 :D  

03 Jan 2003 02:52
bunnyhopping is all about pulling, pushing and tucking to get the height. i can get on top of a picnic table from the side but freak out when trying to go at it straight on end. wierd.  

03 Jan 2003 02:53
[quote=DEF BOY]bunnyhopping is all about pulling, pushing and tucking to get the height. i can get on top of a picnic table from the side but freak out when trying to go at it straight on end. wierd.[/quote] :x :shock: i can do a bunny hop but i cant gte more than 4 inches off the ground  

04 Jan 2003 00:51
yo the highest i can bunny hop is like a ..... maybe 8-10 inches... is that good or sucky? i can olnly do a few flat land trix lol...  

16 Jan 2003 19:29
[quote=cheddar_D]yo the highest i can bunny hop is like a ..... maybe 8-10 inches... is that good or sucky? i can olnly do a few flat land trix lol...[/quote]

not bad actually. how long you've been riding?
and welcome to the boards... :twisted:  

16 Jan 2003 21:16
:x Hi Ya. Im new to the forum. Ive only just got into bmxing in the lastday or two. I have read millions of tips on how to manual and bunnyhop and i cant do either. I can just pull off a manual for a second. Ive been out all day trying these tricks. What can I do :?:

I NEED HELP :!: [/img]  

23 Jan 2003 16:39
[size=6][/size]Hey i am new to the forum but i hav gotten a lot off it for a while. I have always rode a bike but only recently really started trying to do tricks. I have found it easier to bunnyhop over things then to just try and bunnyhop without an obsticle. I Just started trting to bunnyhop last week and i now can bunnnyhop anywhere from 10in to a foot :D. But that is me poeple learn at different paces, so don't expect to learn a trick and perfect it within a few days. :twisted: [/code]  

04 Feb 2003 01:50
howdy to all bmx'ers out there. I'm just getting back into bmx after a 4 year break. Im almost 20, so im an older guy i guess. I used to be pretty good at this stuff, and i have noticed that my larger size and and greater strength have helped make things a little easier. Within minutes of getting back on the bike i was nailing bunnyhops like 3 ft high or so. The key to learning any trick though is Practice!!! Keep riding and it will happen. One thing i always do is try something new every day.

11 Feb 2003 07:53
tho im new, I had one hell of a "bunny-hop" back in the day(by the way, I called it a crow-hop) but I can give some pointers in that field, since I did win a "bunny-hop" contest with almost a 4ft hop! Think first off of a wheelie, the front wheel should come up before the back of course, then the rear should follow. Now once the front is up, you should use a combo of muscle, and the bikes motion to pull the rear of the bike into the air. At about this time you should also be pulling for more air. Hope this helps, good way to start out I found, was to use a small launch ramp to get the feel of the hop.  

13 Feb 2003 18:03
i can endo (without brake) bout 3 inch how the hell do u get it higher
and also i c ppl lift their fnt tire first then their bak but i lift both of them at same time am i doing it wrong? :cry:  

22 Feb 2003 14:21
the manual is a hard thing to learn, its all about balance. As for the "bunny hop" lifting the front tire first, then the back, is what I call a crow hop. And thats the best way to get altitude in my opinion.  

22 Feb 2003 21:08
[quote=pimpmaster]i can endo (without brake) bout 3 inch how the hell do u get it higher
and also i c ppl lift their fnt tire first then their bak but i lift both of them at same time am i doing it wrong? :cry:[/quote]
yeah i guess my bro mtbs but bmxs too and he can hop like say 2foot.
he also maunals then pulls the rear up.
he says u maunal lean front so ur waist is touching the bar then straighting ur arm forward while u bend ur knee(like a endo)

i guess its right all my friends say endoing is the wrong way u got to just weightshift  

27 Feb 2003 00:34
howdy fellos, i've been biking since i was hmm 8 or 9 and i still can't bunnyhop... i've tried everything but i can't, i think i'm gonna try to manual first... do you guys think its gonna help? and should i try to learn this on a bike without rear suspensions? (i've a mountain bike, which i guess doesn't seem to help cause its purty big, and i'm pretty small for the average 17 year old)  

29 May 2003 01:28
im pretty new to bmxing and i need some help.. i can bunny hop but only like a few inches so how do i get that higher and where do i go from here, what is the next step to get better.  

09 Jun 2003 00:54
I just stared bmx, i was into sk8boarding for a long time. i finally wanted to try something new so some tips would help. :D [/b]  

11 Jun 2003 17:27
any time i try to bunny hop the front gets up like a foot but the back wheels only lifts up like2-4 inches can anyone help. I ride flatland, and a little street, just getting into vert and dirt  

30 Aug 2003 13:32
[b]hey guys i've been ridin for a few weeks and i cant seem to get my front up really high to pull teh whole bike up for the bunny hop. i'm 15 yrs old. has that got anything to do with that[/b]  

19 Sep 2003 13:18
Skate and bmx
[quote=wakka15_15][b]hey guys i've been ridin for a few weeks and i cant seem to get my front up really high to pull teh whole bike up for the bunny hop. i'm 15 yrs old. has that got anything to do with that[/b][/quote] yeah im 13 years old and my bike is pretty heavy for me, i think thats why i cant bunnyhop very high.  

21 Sep 2003 01:29
[b]nebody out there who can 13-15 yr olds on bunnyhopping cos we find the bike to heavy to pull up[/b]  

21 Sep 2003 10:21
[b][color=white][/color]sorry bout the last mssge being quite weird but wat i meant was that can neone help me. i was wondering if being a 15 yr old has anething to do with not being able to lift the bike up high to get it ready for the bunnyhop[/b]  

22 Sep 2003 05:30
Skate and bmx
hey how high can u bunnyhop?  

28 Sep 2003 00:04
Skate and bmx
no being 15 has nothing to do with it, i think that u just have to pull up real hard then just like losen up a little and ull do it.

Oh yeah, how high can u bunnyhop?  

28 Sep 2003 21:34
[b]i cant bunnyhop cos i got the problem of pulling up on my handlebars and holding it up for a while. it doesnt seem to stay up. how do u bunnyhop?[/b]  

29 Sep 2003 16:17
[quote=wakka15_15][b][color=white][/color]sorry bout the last mssge being quite weird but wat i meant was that can neone help me. i was wondering if being a 15 yr old has anething to do with not being able to lift the bike up high to get it ready for the bunnyhop[/b][/quote]

k to start off: i just signed up to these forums. ive been bmxing since i was 13, but i really couldnt do anything since i had a REALLY crappy bike, the brakes didnt work well, and, well...i was fat. i got my new haro bmx at the end of april (for my bday). I was also on a trip for two months in june and august. so basically ive been riding (somewhat) seriously for like two months

when i got my bike i really couldnt bunnyhop, id just lift the front a foot or two and then the back didnt really get off the ground, instead i just (sometimes) hit my knees on the handlebars. little by little (with some advice from my friend) i was able to get the motion right. that didnt include jumping over 2-3 inches though. I think the first part of bunnyhopping is learning to do it correctly. in many sports and activities, learning to do it correctly is the first step towards becoming really good at it. you may say that youd rather be able to bunnyhop 1 foot from the beginning and youll be satisfied (doing it the wrong way), but youll learn that the reason so many people do it one way is because it is (so far) the best way.

i suggest you should try to find someone to show you how to do it a couple times, and to teach you how, though it is REALLY hard to explain, and youll be hearing the same things over and over again, but you wont really get them until youre actually able to do it on your own.

In addition, there is no specific age, race, etc limits on who can/can not do it. its simply a matter of strength and practice. It also has a lot to do with physics. if your 80 pounds, 10 years old, and with a 40 pound bike i really dont think theres any way you can really bunnyhop too well. Though by the age of 13-15 you SHOULD be strong enough to lift a 25-35 pound bike up.

now, back to bunnyhopping basics. there are basically 3 steps in getting your bunnyhop really high. first, its getting the bike off the ground. second, its getting it over the bare minimum (1-3 inches). third, its implementing all the little things that can each make it go maybe 1-2 inches higher. those inches will really add up. to begin with, ill just give you basically an outline of what you should do.
you should ride at a fairly slow pace. get in a crouching position, level out your feet, have your front part of your feet on the pedals(not your ankles), and a firm grip on the, well, grips. then by pulling on the handlebars, pushing down with your feet, and jumping, you should get both tires off the ground. now in the half second when you do this a lot of things should be going on. your shoes should be facing down on a small angle and trying to get a grip on the pedals, so they should never leave them. this can be seen with a lot of pros/people who can bunnyhop. it takes a while to get used to but its really important. after you have your body tense and holding on to the bike so that it never leaves you and your bike on an angle (the greater the angle the higher you will jump; you should not be going for one greater than 40-50 degrees when you begin) you should just spring up and the back tire will lift up. im not going to lie and say this comes easy. the first 20 or so times it probably wont get off the ground. it might not come off the ground for a day or two, or even more. but you should still keep practicing. for some people it takes longer than for others. THEN, once you can get it OFF the ground every 2/3 or more tries, you should be attempting to get it higher. you SHOULDNT be attempting to get it higher from the first time you try it, if you cant even lift the bike off the ground.

now, on to the second part. to get it higher. to get it higher, you really need to use a lot of strength. im not just talking about being able to bench press 200 pounds, to leg press 500, etc, but im talking about putting in an effort. if you dont put in an effort, it ends there. no exceptions. now im about 180-190 pounds, 6 feet, and my bike about 30-35 pounds. it takes a lot of effort for me even now to get it about one foot off the ground. to get it more, obviously takes more effort. if i really put all my strength into it, i can maybe bunnyhop 1 1/2-1 2/3 feet. its not too much, but considering the time i spend bmxing and actually bunnyhopping now, im satisfied with it. after doing about 10-15 GOOD bunnyhops, (by good i mean well over 1 foot and pretty smooth), i get really fatigued. but then again i never really do that many to begin with. its basically about putting more strength in pulling the bike up, in pulling the handlebars, in bending your legs more so you can jump higher, and, ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECTS, not being afraid to do it. that doesnt mean trying to bunnyhop over a 4 foot wall at 20 miles an hour. that just means not being afraid to actually make the jump, and spending 10 second before it deciding if your going to do it or not. once you get the movement down, you can spend more of your attention to jumping higher, pulling the front tire to a greater angle before jumping, and actually leveling out the bike.

the third part, which im not going to get into because i dont think i have the amount of experience necessary to give you pointers on, but it includes such things as tucking so you have more room to pull the bike up, etc.

NOTICE i didnt talk about leveling the bike. i didnt do that because that comes with practice. it should be something you should strive for, and cant really be explained too much. its about where your weight is on the bike after its in the air. a perfect landing is when both wheels land at the same time. after you land you should crouch so that the crouch absorbs some of the impact, and you dont put too much stress on your knees and on your tires.

ANYWAYS. to answer the quote above, age DOES have a part to do with it, but its mostly about strength and practice. there is no certain age, where when your 15 you cant do it but the moment you turn 16 you suddenly can. the age where i would say the average person has enough strength to actually do it is about 13-15. that doesnt mean you cant start it before, or after. this also doesnt mean that a 6 foot 200 pound 13 year old who bench presses 300 can do a bunnyhop while a 4' 8" 90 pound 16 year old cant.

oh btw if your havent started puberty, you shouldnt even be reading this. you can seriously hurt yourself and/or others if you dont know what your doing.

hope this helps, peace.  

29 Sep 2003 17:31
wow swoLLen, thanks for the long and informative post man... Welcome to the boards... :)  

29 Sep 2003 22:24
[b]thanx dude for that. nebody also got ne tips for balancing when manualing cos i cant seem to hold the front of my bike up for a long time[/b]  

30 Sep 2003 15:56
actually im not THAT good at manuals, i cant really do them for too long and mostly only on level terrain. many people will say that a manual is a lot like a wheelie. they are wrong. its a LOT different in many ways. there are people that can wheelie for really far (like me:D) but cant really manual at all. there are also people who can do it vice versa. manualing is about not having the fear of falling,because while your doing a wheelie its not usually a sudden jerk of the bike falling in front of you and your not gonna fall a lot on your back if you can anticipate the moves. while doing wheelies you can actually move and shift your body weight so that you can stay on it longer. the less you move in a wheelie(while pedalling of course, because thats what a wheelie is), the more chance there is of you terminating it. WHILE DOING A MANUAL on the other hand, its all about not moving. the less you can move while doing it the more your gonna manual. in wheelies you use the power of the legs to keep your balance and not to fall down, but while doing manuals you really use your hands. your knees should be bent and your legs and lower body fairly stiff. The balancing comes from leaning left and right(to turn), and pulling up or letting go VERY LITTLE of the handlebars( not actually letting go of them but lessening the power in which your pulling them to your body).

if theres more you want answered, ill try to answer it. i guess since im not so very good at manuals this is all i have to say about them.

put that in your pipe and smoke it.


30 Sep 2003 17:34
[b]dude, wat tricks can u do?[/b]  

01 Oct 2003 14:14
right now im working on a tailwhip.

i can get the bike all the way around and under me but i cant ride out. ive only actually done the trick like once or twice. i can bunnyhop about 2+ feet, handlebar ride while holding the seat (if i dont hold it just sit on handlebars i cant get too far), i can do 180 endo and like 90degrees on the back tire(1 and 1/2 of a rock walk)(my brakes suck). i can..hmm.. endo?, barspin...working on barspin while on pedals and bunnyhop barspin, track stands (working on track stand while holding seat and frame of the bike up with the right hand),can sorta do riding backwards(pedal maybe 3-5 times), and yea thats about it.. im not that good at bmxing, i play mostly basketball, just bmx like 10-15 minutes while waiting for a game  

01 Oct 2003 17:32
i think were missing the piont here with all this crazy 8 foot bunny hop stuff. The bunny hop is what u base, all of ur big and small air and most of ur ground tricks, off of if u cant bunny hop then bmx in as a whole is not going to go anywere.Look at it this way all u really need to be a descent rider is about a 1 foot to 1 1/2 feet thats it, its a nice thing if u can surpass that but dont spend a whole lotta time on it. Beside that oldschoolnewbie guy said it best pratice makes perfect....  

04 Oct 2003 01:12
i pulled off a 3+ foot bunnyhop yesterday:) and with that i nearly cut my tire with my rims when i landed...so i had to pump em more. kekeke  

04 Oct 2003 12:53
Skate and bmx
when i do a bunnyhop i land really hard on my bike and the handle bars go down and i always have to straiten it.

does yours do that? :?: :(  

07 Oct 2003 18:14
tighten them  

07 Oct 2003 18:17
Skate and bmx
i even got my dad to tighten them  

10 Oct 2003 21:59
hey guys i am bac
i was stuck on bunnyhop and i got it jus a few days by accident.
neone got tips on how to increase ur height of the bunnyhop cos i seem to hop close to half a foot and i cant seem to level myself properly (i land either bac wheeel first or front wheel first)  

10 Nov 2003 17:59
hiya guys ..look im new to bunnyhoping but ive been biking alot on street ..im only 11 yrs old ( my birthday 2day :D ) and im strating to think im not strong enof ( im not a spelling teacher ) im not a pewny little geek with no musle ..but i cant actually lift the back wheel off ..any tips :?:  

20 Nov 2003 07:04
hey kid
i used to be jus like you
the best way that i can put it is compress urself down (bend ur arms and knees) and then stand up and pull the bars towards ur hips and then push down.
focus on the pulling up bit and not the pushing in the end cos thats for levellin out. (try a more laidback approach to it and u might get it)  

20 Nov 2003 18:38
Ive been riding since last spring, i had a mongoose link, learned some pretty great tricks on it. But it got stolen a couple weeks, so i got a new one, but i can't do anything on it. all i can do is little 3-inch bunnyhops, i can even grind, so i was wondering, was it because i got a new bike or did i just start to suck, now i ride the GT compe  

26 Nov 2003 20:04
man u just gotta practise more on ur new bike cuz im guessing ur old one and new one are diff. and a lil tip for every nebie out there(including me) pretty much if u want to be a good bmxer u cant be afiard to fall on ur ass or on ur head cuz almost every trick out there ur gonna fall hard onless ur raped in bubble rap....anyways peace out  

22 Dec 2003 02:59
to start off, i must say i'm actually not a bmx'er... i guess if that's the term.
i have a FS mountain bike... and was wondering i can "bunnyhop" at least 3/4 foot, but its in a state that both wheels go up virtually at the same time..
its not like a

rather a

goes up, and down..
is that still called a bunnyhop?... i mean i see guys doing these exagerated motions which do make their front go up and then rear comes up..
is that how its supposed to be?

but besides that, guys that are having troubles bunnyhopping... (or at least getting off the ground with rear wheel)

DON't just jump up... try to think you need something to grab onto your bike with so that when you jump up, your bike jumps with you. and that point of friction (to provide you with grip to hold the bike) is your pedals... and point your palms of feets back and toes at ground, and hop...
that is the tip that worked for ME.
tho it may not work for you... keep trying.
i've been biking before i even started school (or maybe tricycle, i don't remember) and i didn't learn to bunny hop until this past summer at age 17... so point is, keep trying and be grateful for good weather... LOL cause if you live in the city i live in, vancouver BC it rains 3/4 of the year almost.  

29 Dec 2003 04:40
new BMXer
i tryed your way of endoing right after you whellie but it didnt work (tryed it for a week ) is there a easyerway for a 9 year old kid (me!!)

:twisted: cory :twisted:  

07 Jan 2004 21:44
Hey, i've been riding a few months now, but have never mastered a bunny hop, and don't get me started with manuals. I nearly got hit by a train doing that(dont ask, long story). Well i was wondering is u had any tips about bunnyhopping, im not to bothered about hieght at the moment, just about getting the bike in the air. Im quite new to freestyle riding, cause i did jumps before, but everyone is trying freestyle and street riding now, so i decided to give it a try. Cheers all...  

15 Jan 2004 19:48
its acually simple i been doing bunnyhops now for like 20mins everyday practicing them then i move onto a new trick.the thing is that i do i just bend the elbows and back and bring the handle bars up hard i mean hard then i bring the back up hard to at the same time.if u work on them everyday i like i do ull get them trust me in the first week i worked on a tailwhip non stop and got it:Ptheres my 2 cents  

15 Jan 2004 21:55
Yeh, I know that but it's gettin the back of the bike up thats the problem. Ive seen some people usin their feet and some just kump up, but i cant seem to do any of them except lift the back with my feet with the front tire on the ground if u get my point. Is it somethin im doin wrong or not doin... :?:  

21 Jan 2004 16:11
or u cud jus practice  

18 Feb 2004 23:12

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