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For some reasons when I go on this forum its so slow. Kinda reminds me of dail up... :roll:

I'm on T3 so it shouldn't be as slow as it is... Some times ill click a link and it could take 3 mins between 6 clicks to get it to the page I wan't.

(It is only slow on this forum)  

08 Jun 2004 17:00
are well who cares jus wait  

08 Jun 2004 17:11
lol mine aint slow so im happy  

09 Jun 2004 09:22
well im on dial up and its running very fast (well fast for dial up) it must be some cookie thats not been stored right on ur PC thats makin the site take long to load. Try deleting your cookies for this site. If you dont accept cookies anyway i cant help you mate soz.  

09 Jun 2004 18:13
im on dial up and it is very slow....  

09 Jun 2004 20:12
The sites getting slow as well as the people ( like nobodys posting nothing, including me I getting bored )  

10 Jun 2004 04:40
We'll upgrade the server Y0ten... Give me a couple of days and it'll be lightning fast again...  

11 Jun 2004 05:18

12 Jun 2004 01:48

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